The Paul Ryan Legend Dissipates | The Slow Death: American Airlines, HP, and Corporate Decline

Monday, 1 October 2012 by Irwan K Ch
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Sex Diaries

The Kinky Seattle Guy Introducing His Parents to His Girlfriend of Three Weeks

This week's Sex Diary.

Common Wealth

Leon Cooperman and Relative Wealth

Even a mediocre hedge-fund manager is better off than a star rock band.


‘Missing’ New Jersey Teen Goes Viral With Fake Home Intruder Tweet

She appears to have just run away.

Big Business

The Slow Death: American Airlines, HP, and Corporate Decline

It's not pretty on the way down.

Secretary of Awesome

Hillary Clinton Aide Apologizes for Using F-Word

Spokesman Philippe Reines may or may not have contributed to the swear jar, too.

School Daze

Large Adult Teacher Claims a First Grader Kicked His Ass

And now he's suing the school.

Silicon Wahhhh Ley

Marissa Mayer Acqui-Hires a Baby Boy

The Yahoo CEO does her first big deal.

The National Interest

The Paul Ryan Legend Dissipates

It turns out he has a fatal weakness: being asked questions.

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney Is Winning and Losing Debate Expectations Game

Because there are really two of them going on at once.

Early And Often

Kirsten Gillibrand Flexes Political Muscle for Female Senate Candidates

New York's junior senator is working a new leadership role.

Occupy Wall Street

Ben & Jerry’s Founder Takes Back Occupy Wall Street ‘Batmobile’

The millionaire won his "custody battle" with the activists.

International Affairs

Pussy Riot Still in Jail After Postponed Appeal

Team Balaclava will have to wait until October 10.

Gay Rights

California Bans Therapy That Aims to Turn Gay Kids Straight

The practice will be "relegated to the dustbin of quackery," says Governor Brown.

Mitt Romney

Obama’s Libya Controversy Sparks More Squabbling in Romney Camp

Is insisting "it's the economy" stupid?


Ahmadinejad’s Cameraman Decides He’d Like to Stay in the U.S.

It must be the Payless shoes.

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