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Wednesday, 3 October 2012 by Irwan K Ch
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Miu Miu
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Paul & Joe

Street Style Staple: The Faux Sweatshirt

Comfy and expletive.

tit cancer awareness

Is This the Worst Breast Cancer Month Idea Ever?

Porn website comes up with rude gimmick.

look book

The Audrey Hepburn Look Book

The Givenchy muse remains one of Hollywood's biggest icons.

the cut portfolio

Seen at Paris Fashion Week: The Hive Mind

Our photographer documents Saint Laurent, Kenzo, McQueen, Stella McCartney, Chanel, Chloé, and Givenchy ... all the majors, in other words.


Agyness Deyn Would Do Anything for Love, But She Won’t Do That

That being a conversion to Scientology, apparently.

the karl of it all

Chanel’s Pair of Hoops Attached to an Oversize Purse Is Perfect for a Day of Fun in the Sun!


beauty q&a

Lunchtime Beauty Q&A: What’s the Best Eye-Makeup Remover for Sensitive Eyes?

Gentle, non-oily options that actually work.

brief encounters

Tourists Crash David Beckham’s Latest H&M Underwear Shoot

Who can blame them?


Louis Vuitton’s Latest Mode of Model Transport: Escalators

Striped ones, carrying models. 


Franca Sozzani Is 'Really Tired of Writing About Fashion Shows’

Wake her when they're over.

notes from a fashion director

Amy Larocca’s Paris Fashion Dispatch, Day Six

 Chanel's hula-hoop bag, Valentino's lucite wedges, and beefy bodyguards in the Tuileries.

lies we've told

On Throwing Away the Lunches My Mother Packed

The lie I told my mother, the food tyrant, every day for years.

zoom shots

Zoom Shot: Valentino’s Burned Dandelions

A darker take on florals.

other critics

Cathy Horyn Deems Hedi Slimane’s Attack 'Silly Nonsense’

No argument there.

out of the box

Surreal World: Martina Hoogland Ivanow Layers Fall’s Tapestrylike Pieces

The AnOther and Dazed & Confused photographer shoots the season's brocade and patterned clothes.

look of the day

Jennifer Lopez Wore Head-to-Toe Valentino

To the Valentino show in Paris.

the future

In Lieu of a Fashion Show, L’Wren Scott Went With Instagram

Here's to efficiency.

zoom shots

Zoom Shot: Chanel’s Lego Block Clutch

A green building block for your closet?

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Debate Zingers That Time Forgot | Paul Ryan Fears the 30 Percent

by Irwan K Ch
Recently on Daily Intel:

Queens Girl One-Ups ‘I Enjoy Vagina’ T-Shirt With Mom’s Blessing

The 15-year-old has plenty of risqué shirts to deploy.

Ellen Burstyn

Ellen Burstyn Not a Fan of Too Much Muchness

The actress answers our 21 Questions.

Ink-Stained Wretches

The Rapturous Reception of Times Public Editor Margaret Sullivan

Web-savvy media obsessives are loving the paper's new ombudsman.


Debate Zingers That Time Forgot

Not every one-liner becomes legendary.

Kids Today

Lying New Jersey Girl Comes Home Safe, Infamous

Sixteen-year-old Twitter celeb Kara Alongi has been found.

Uncomfortable Things

Law & Order’s Richard Belzer Treats Fox to Rape Joke, Nazi Salute

The actor is not a fan of the network.

The National Interest

Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead

Politically speaking, that is.

Whale Fail

The Primacy of Judgment on Wall Street

And why Ina Drew almost had the right kind.

Todd Akin

Why Todd Akin Warned of Doctors Who Perform Abortions on Women Who Aren’t Even Pregnant


Early And Often

Tonight’s Debate Will Probably Be More Boring Than the Republican Primaries

No clapping, no hollering, no Newt Gingrich.

The National Interest

Paul Ryan Fears the 30 Percent

Where does this crazy number come from?

Ken Burns

The City Is Suddenly Interested in Ken Burns’s Central Park Jogger Film

And it's issued a subpoena.

Master Debaters

Obama Has Some Time on His Hands, Visits the Hoover Dam

Who could concentrate on debate prep when there are dams to tour?

Please Remain Seated

American Airlines Explains Why Seats Have Come Loose on Planes


Barack Obama

Conservatives Reveal October Surprise: Another Old Obama Video

Now with more Bush-bashing.

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