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Monday, 1 October 2012 by Irwan K Ch
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666 park avenue

That Red McQueen Dress: The Real Star of 666 Park Avenue’s Premiere

Social strivers who like expensive dresses are in league with Satan, surely.

zoom shots

Zoom Shot: Céline’s Trompe L’oeil Pump

Phoebe Philo goes surreal.

paris fashion week

Daphne Guinness to Provide the Soundtrack for a Short Film

By Joseph Lally.

true stories

I Experienced Overt Racism for the First Time at 30

Born and raised in blissful New York ignorance.

look book

The Anne Hathaway Look Book

An examination of one of the red carpet's biggest clotheshorses.

lab rat

Three Beauty Things I Tried This Weekend: Organic Perfume, Sequined Manicure, and Cleansing Balm

An organic perfume, a sequined manicure, and a new cleansing balm.

love and war

Ikea Wishes It Hadn’t Scrubbed Women From Saudi Arabia Catalog

Ultra-conservative Islam and Scandinavian egalitarianism don't mix well. 

paris fashion week

Juergen Teller Wears Sweatpants to Vivienne Westwood’s Show

They provide more coverage than his usual track shorts.

ins and outs

FT’s Vanessa Friedman Eyed for Deborah Needleman’s WSJ. Spot

Stefano Tonchi recommends her for the job.

scene stealers

Fifty-five Street-Style Looks From the Weekend in Paris

If you add up the cost of all these clothes, it might support the economy of a small nation.

first looks

First Look: Katharine Hepburn: Rebel Chic

Images from a new book on the legendary actress.

cover girls

Taylor Swift’s 'Surprise’ Face Got a Glamour Cover

"Who, me?"

lost and found

A Courier Company Lost Hakaan Yildirim’s Entire Spring 2013 Collection

And the designer had to cancel his Paris show.

24-hour wardrobe

24-Hour Capsule Wardrobe: Emmanuelle Alt’s Day-to-Night Uniform

There's something to be said for consistency.

wanna be on top

Top Model Recap: Birds of Prey and Steampunks

This week’s photo shoot features live hawks and a real-time critique from Bryanboy. Equally terrifying!

gangnam style

Grown Men Creepily Moved by South Korean Girl Groups

It's not pervy, says New Yorker writer. 

ins and outs

Freja Beha Erichsen to Replace Erin Wasson at Maybelline?

Just maybe.

a rose by any other name

Hedi Slimane’s First YSL Show: What to Expect

Little-known models, cat prints, and Alaïa in the audience.

let's talk about...

What Porn Means to Us: Twenty Couples on Tentacles, Baywatch, and the Skin Flicks They Share, Fear, and Imitate

From tentacles to Baywatch: How we fear, love, share, hide, and imitate porn.

true love

Olsen-Sarkozy Mishpacha Does Lunch

Mary-Kate, Ashley, and Olivier.

notes from a fashion director

Amy Larocca’s Paris Fashion Dispatch, Days Three and Four

The weekend brings mink-lined Birkenstocks at Celine, Momofuku cookies at Kenzo, and mouse-eared kitten heels at Louboutin.

ze french

Carla Bruni Sang a Song on French TV

Along with uncoordinated audience applause.

fashion week diary

Lynn Yaeger: Gloomy Gussies at Comme des Garçons, Crop Tops at Rochas, and Aloha at Isabel Marant

The critic's first dispatch from Paris.

look of the day

Lena Dunham Fell Short

She wore a very short dress to a charity event in California.

new adult

Why Not-So-Young Adult Readers Crave Teen Fiction

And why the "new adult" genre may be misreading them.


Slideshow: Quirky Novelty Tops for Fall

Balenciaga kicked off a big trend with the Star Wars–y sweatshirts it showed on last season’s runway. Now, slogans, sci-fi, and cute little bears are all fair game.

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