Northern Spy Vet Heads to Calyer | America's Supply of Cheftestants Officially Depleted

Tuesday, 7 August 2012 by Irwan K Ch

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Cash Cow

Meat Sales, Meat-Eaters Down

Small victory for veggie burgers.


Bittman Called Out for Defaming the Dead


Food & Whine

Delayed Reactions to Steve Cuozzo’s Reynard Wine Rant

Cuozzo, uncorked as always.

The Feeding Tube

America’s Supply of Cheftestants Officially Depleted

Food Network's newest cooking show makes a point of recycling former contestants.

Chef Shuffles

Northern Spy Vet Nathan Foot Heads to Calyer

Current chef Gabe Moya is leaving to start his own project.


Protesters Dog South Korea’s Meat Choice


What to Eat

Introducing San Matteo’s Burritolike New Pizza Roll

It's turning out to be quite the year for pizza innovations.

Sex Carts

Is That a Vibrator in Your Hot-Dog Cart, or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

Answer: Vibrator.


Just Call It ‘Reynard’; Seamus Mullen’s Supper Club

Plus, tons of ice cream news, all in today's leftovers.

Resto Lingo

Secret Restaurant Lingo Equal Parts Offensive and Amazing

Take "Beany Puss ... "


Down East Sails Into the LES This Weekend

Grey Lady is opening a takeout seafood shop.


Don’t Forget to Put Soup Cans on Andy Warhol’s Grave

Campbell's tomato and Coke bottles are fans' offerings of choice.

Quote of the Day

Marcus Samuelsson on the Ballet That Is His Brand

He's unstoppable.



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