Reading the VP Tea Leaves: Wikipedia Edition | In Violence Against Sikhs, Racists Don’t Discriminate

Tuesday, 7 August 2012 by Irwan K Ch
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Jonathan Roth

Son of Fake-Drowned Long Island Man Arrested

He was charged with insurance fraud and filing a false police report.

Ink-Stained Wretches

New Yorker Photographer on Instagram Experiment: My Kid Could Make That

"I could hand the phone over to my 3-year-old son and he could come up with a good picture."

Mitt Romney

David Petraeus Really, Really Doesn’t Want to Be Vice-President

The Drudge Report claims Romney wants him, though.

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney Basically Killed a Woman

That seems to be the message of this new Obama-aligned super-PAC ad.


Trojan to Hand Out Free Vibrators From Hot-Dog Carts


Sex Diaries

Want to Be in the Sex Diaries Book?

Well, you can be.


Reading the VP Tea Leaves: Wikipedia Edition

Can Wikipedia edits foretell Romney's running-mate pick?

Crimes and Misdemeanors

Women Get Stopped and Frisked Too

And it's often humiliating.

Scary Things

Twitter User Threatening Aurora-Style Theater Massacre in New York Also Threatened to Kill Just About Everyone

How seriously should Twitter/the NYPD/all of us be taking this?

The National Interest

Romney Tax Cut Defenders Get Dada

In which we explain the meaning of the argumentative tactic "even if ... "

Scary Things

Wade Michael Page’s White Supremacy Was No Secret Prior to Sikh Temple Shooting

Investigators "looked at" him "more than once," but didn't have the evidence to proceed.

Harsh Realities

73-Year-Old Man Loans 27-Year-Old Girlfriend Money for Apartment With Predictable Result

She dumped him; he's suing.

Sikh Temple Shooting

In Violence Against Sikhs, Racists Don’t Discriminate

Xenophobic violence doesn’t mesh well with informed distinctions.


Governor of Delaware Sums Up Harry Reid’s Accusations About Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns

Quite nicely.

Man vs. Nature

Greenwich Was Powerless in the Face of a Single Tree

A black locust felled by Sunday's storm left the entire Connecticut suburb without electricity for hours.

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