Glam Slam: Summer Beauty Problems Solved!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012 by Irwan K Ch
August 7, 2012

We’re in the dog days of summer now — and my skin is starting to show it!

No matter what hot weather problem you may be facing, Glam Slam is here with answers, thanks to the expertise (and product picks) of Manhattan dermatologist Dr. Francesca Fusco.

Too Much Sun Exposure? Prevent Premature Aging:
Long days at the beach, afternoon BBQs, running errands outside – we all are victims of extended sun exposure in the summer months. To keep your face protected, look for a lightweight, ultra-sheer formula that delivers advanced, powerful protection from UVA/UVB rays such as SkinMedica’s Daily Physical Defense SPF 30+. Gentle enough for sensitive skin, its patented technology delivers zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to skin — the two best defenses against damage from the sun and signs of premature aging. $45 for (3 oz.).

Uneven Tan Lines Are Never Sexy:
Halter tops, bikini lines – we all fall victim to uneven tan lines in the summer months. For a safe way to get that coveted golden glow, avoid the harsh summer sun’s rays and look for an oil and streak free formula that provides an allover sun-inspired glow. philosophy’s here comes the sun age-defense body self-tanner also contains an amino acid complex to help firm and tone skin. $28; Sephora and

Are Rough, Cracked Feet Keeping You Indoors This Summer?:
Rough feet and dry heels are never sexy, especially in the summer months. The good news is that this condition is easily treatable. To smooth your soles, look for an all-purpose beauty balm to soften and hydrate dry, cracked heels (due to sandal overload) such as First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Concentrate. $28;

Re-Hydrate Dry, Chapped Lips:
Don’t let your lips get dehydrated this summer. Use a lip balm daily that protects and provides long-lasting moisturization.One of my all-time favorite classics is Vaseline Lip Therapy. This must-have staple contains paraffin wax which smoothes and softens lips and also prevents bacteria or impurities from entering a wound, allowing the body’s natural healing properties to work without interruption. $1.45; drugstores nationwide.

Banish Body Breakouts:
We’ve all been there before – body breakouts occur at the most inopportune times and in the most inconvenient places. Instead of covering up, spend this summer free and clear and banish body breakouts for good. Use a body wash containing salicylic acid (a beta hydroxy acid that dislodges oil and debris from your pores) such as Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash. Leave the wash on for a few minutes so that the active ingredients can penetrate. $5.95 at drugstores nationwide

Say Bye Bye to Shiny Skin:
For those of us with oily prone skin, pores are larger and more visible, which explains those unexpected and annoying breakouts. Unfortunately, skin becomes shiny and oily soon after cleansing no matter what cleanser you use (that’s why it’s important to moisturize after every wash!) There’s a difference between having sexy dewy skin and slick greasy skin. Switch to an oil-free moisturizer such as Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Control Moisturizer. If your face is still a high-shine zone, blotting papers and pressed powder will help control excess in a pinch. $14.79 at drugstores nationwide

Treat a Dry, Flaky Scalp:
A dry, flaky scalp is not the best summer accessory. A little TLC and the right shampoo can go a long way toward restoring moisture to a dry scalp.Perfect for all hair types Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Clear Total Shampoo nourishes the scalp for strong beautiful hair. Clinically proven to help restore scalp’s natural moisture balance, leaving hair strong and beautiful from the root to tip. $5.99 at


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