Where to Eat and Drink for Fashion's Night Out | 'Top Chef Masters' Recap

Thursday, 6 September 2012 by Irwan K Ch

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Where to Eat and Drink for Fashion’s Night Out This Evening

Stylish? Hungry? We've got you covered.


Doug Quinn Slinging Drinks at Fatta Cuckoo on Monday

As part of chef Chris Mitchell's Friends With Benefits cocktail club.

What to Eat

What to Eat at Angolo Soho, Opening Tonight

Executive chef Michael Berardino knows his meat and wine-friendly Italian food.


Ludo Coming to NYC for Pop-up Dinner

LudoBites the Big Apple.

Video Feed

See Chris Cosentino’s Trip to NYC, Featuring ‘Poop Shoot’ and Skinny Jeans

The 'Top Chef Masters' contestant visits Brooklyn for the first time in this video.


Top Chef Masters Recap: The Gloves Come Off

With five cheftestants remaining, the competition heads to the boxing ring.

Dollar Slice

The 75-Cent Pizzas Are Back to a Buck



Ben & Jerry’s Sues Hard-core Porn Company

"Hairy Garcia" — for fetishists.


Late-Summer Cocktails at Isa and the Wayland; Crown Launches Brunch

Plus: tickets on sale for the Brooklyn Local, an epic mushroom feast, and more of today's leftovers.

Sweet News

Mars Bar Disowning Its Deep-Fried State-Fair Cousin

Somebody's getting cut from the family photos.

Star Power

Battersby’s Kitchen Design Is Getting Accolades, Too

Helpful hints for small spaces.


StarChefs to Feature 24 Food Carts, Two Pop-up Restaurants

And a whole lot of other stuff.


What to Eat at Porsena Extra Bar, Porsena’s New Next-Door Bar

A narrow slip of a lunch counter by day, small-plates-dispensing wine bar by night.

The Quest For Better Bagels

Times Puts Together a Restaurant Wishlist

"Dear Restaurant Scene of NYC ... "


Upcoming Feasts: Meatopia Tickets Still Available, Big Pig Roast in Brooklyn

The end of summer means lots of feasts.



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