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Tuesday, 25 September 2012 by Irwan K Ch
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for Tuesday, September 25, 2012

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Sergei Grinko

Tom Ford: No Fashion House on God’s Green Earth Can Tempt Me

PPR, LVMH, and the rest of them can talk to the hand.

juice cleanses

UES Luxury Condo Comes With Free Feelings of Self-Loathing

And a pile of grumpy neighbors. 

food glorious food

Vogue to Share Its Love of Food With the Middle East


Lunchtime Beauty Q&A: Why Do I Break Out From La Mer and Other Anti-Aging Creams?

Check your age, check your cream.

people who might be pregnant

To Discuss: Beyoncé’s Animal-Print-Clad Tummy

Baby bump? Food belly? And did she actually drink from that glass of Cognac she's holding?

Hot Shot: Milan Street-Style Fun

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my golden cell phone apparatus, so ciao, baby.

faces of things

Hedi Slimane, Kati Nescher in Cahoots

For Saint Laurent Paris.

look book

The Sofia Vergara Look Book

The curvaceous advocate of fishtail gowns and strapless necklines.

sex ed

Super Gonorrhea Here to Ruin Blow Jobs Forever

For real, no more joking around, use condoms.

lies we've told

My Mother Gave Me Away, So I Said She Died

Child brides and a tangled family tree in Tehran.

forced confessions

Katie Couric and Demi Lovato Bond Over Bulimia

Katie's couch is emerging as the top spot for stars to explain their food issues. 

inside the models studio

Inside the Models Studio: Julia Nobis Celebrates 'Fat Month,’ Gives an Impromptu Guitar Performance

She gives an impromptu performance of "The House of the Rising Sun."

look of the day

Why Was Maggie Gyllenhaal in Such a Ruche?

She wore a raspberry dress with ruching to the Today show yesterday.

three is a trend

Le Samouraï Walks the Spring Runways

The way of the warrior meets spring fashion.

milan fashion week spring 2013

New Spring 2013 Shows: Roberto Cavalli, Dsquared2, and More

Plus Gianfranco Ferré, Luisa Beccaria, and Massimo Rebecchi.

loose threads

Vogue Hired Another Underage Model; Karlie Kloss Admits her Imperfections

Plus, Karlie Kloss admits she wasn't always perfect.


Sharon Stone Was in Fine Fettle at the amfAR Gala

She bounced back from her migraine with a vengeance.

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