Rich: Romney Neutralizes His Own Super-PACs | A Peek Into the Fantasy World of the Persecuted Rich

Tuesday, 25 September 2012 by Irwan K Ch
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Wackberry 10

BlackBerry’s Big Revival Is Not Going So Well

Your daily reminder that RIM is dead.

Steve Sweeney

Political Opportunism of the Day

A New Jersey politician wants to ban the NFL's hapless replacement refs from the state.

Funny Business

No One Erased Congressman Michael Grimm’s Computers After All

Another twist in another wacky Staten Island story.

The Circus

Frank Rich on the National Circus: Romney Neutralizes His Own Super-PACs

Maybe old, rich white men won't buy this election after all.

Stupid Crime of the Day

Wisconsin Man Could Not Resist Sex With Couch

On the street.


Scott Brown Staffers Bust Out ‘Indian War Whoops,’ ‘Yankees Suck’ Chant at Warren Supporters [Updated]

They also do some tomahawk chops for good measure.

Local Politicians

Staten Island Borough President Calls Lady Gaga a ‘Slut’ for Smoking Pot

Um ...

The National Interest

Scott Walker, Packer Fan, Now a Union Man

Football trumps ideology.

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney Was Joking About Airplane Windows

Turns out the guy isn't brain-dead after all.

Silly Scandals

Grown Man Loses Internet Privileges for Humiliating Sheldon Silver on Facebook

He was just defending his boss (as a woman).

The National Interest

A Peek Into the Fantasy World of the Persecuted Rich

It seems Romney has come to believe his own bullshit.

The Subway

NYPD Stepping Up Security in Stations With ‘Savage’ Subway Posters, Maybe

The Post says it's true; the NYPD says it's not.

Things That Have Been Taken Too Far

Harry Reid Takes a Break From Tax Complaint, Focuses on Calling Romney a Bad Mormon

Reid claims he's "sullied" their religion.


There’s an Even Better Chance This Year That Your iProduct Will Get Stolen

The only downside of owning an Apple product is not owning it anymore.

International Affairs

Ahmadinejad Condemns Extremism, Says U.S. Armed Forces Encourage It

"Some of the behaviors of the U.S. in our region encourages extremism."

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