President Obama Is a Teenage Girl | George Will Is Definitely Not Ready for Some Football

Monday, 10 September 2012 by Irwan K Ch
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Burning Man

The Monogamish Burning Man Attendee Taking Ecstasy

This week's sex diary.

The Internet

Anonymous Did Not Hack the FBI for Apple IDs After All

The data most likely came from an app developer in Florida.

Hand Hearts

President Obama Is a Teenage Girl

He made that heart-hand gesture at a speech yesterday.

Sad Things

Building Collapse Kills One in Brooklyn

Construction on a Fort Greene brownstone left another worker critically injured.

Early and Awkward

Barack Obama Understands That Rap Music Is Not Always Literal [Updated]

Even the president knows that Nicki Minaj "likes to play different characters."

Tony Mack

Millionth New Jersey Mayor Charged With Corruption

Trenton mayor Tony Mack was arrested today.

The National Interest

George Will Is Definitely Not Ready for Some Football

Somebody inform Nick Saban that he's a liberal tool.

The National Interest

Mitt Temporarily Forgets Plan to Screw the Sick

But quickly comes to his senses.

Paul Ryan

President Obama Is Really Sorry About Insulting Whatshisface

Jack Ryan? Paul Bunyan?

Crimes and Misdemeanors

Victim’s Family Believes ‘Accidental’ NYPD Killing Was a Murder

They're calling for the Bronx D.A. to investigate.

Rahm Emanuel

Chicago Teachers Go on Strike, City Tries to Occupy 350,000 Kids

Hours of "independent reading or writing" isn't going to cut it.

Campaign 2012

Obama Campaign Narrowly Edges Romney’s $111.6M August Fund-raising Haul

For the first time since April.

Osama Bin Killed

SEAL Shares Secrets New Details on Bin Laden’s Killing With 60 Minutes

"To us, at that time, it could have been anybody."

Crimes and Misdemeanors

Alleged Cop Shooter Surrenders at Queens Pep Boys

He'd been in hiding since August.

Chuck Schumer

Schumer Shares Kids’ Desire to Eat Candy-Colored Detergent Pods

“I don’t know why they make them look so delicious.”

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