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Thursday, 27 September 2012 by Irwan K Ch
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for Thursday, September 27, 2012

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kids these days

Blue Ivy Is the Unknowing Owner of Very Fancy Shoes

Made specially for her angelic feet by Ruthie Davis.

the cut portfolio

Seen in Paris: Shadows and Shimmers

Behind the scenes at Rochas, Mugler, Dries, and more in the City of Light.

zoom shots

Zoom Shot: Carven’s Safari Print

It's an exotic take on toile.

notes from a fashion director

Amy Larocca’s Paris Fashion Dispatch, Day One

The week kicks off with a ravishing Dries show.

weather report

Bad European Weather Has Already Driven Cathy Horyn to Drink

We've all been there.

look book

The Emmanuelle Alt Look Book

The French Vogue editor exemplifies uniform dressing.


Kelly Osbourne Is Sorry That She’s Not Sorry

About that $250k manicure.


Daphne Guinness Splish-Splashes Her Way Into a Court Settlement

She'll pay costs associated with that overflowing bathtub.

h&m 2.0

H&M to Launch Online Shopping for the U.S. in Mid-2013, Not This Year As Planned

"The company said it simply needs more time to prepare that offering."


Nine French Beauty Products Decoded

Where elixirs shouldn't be ingested and lotions aren't lotions.

news of the weird

Here Are People Who Turned Their Foreheads Into Bagels


racial issues

Dolce & Gabbana Explain Those Controversial Earrings

They're "traditional" after all.

love and war

Ahmadinejad’s Posse Hit Payless ShoeSource

Dodging the discount shoe sanctions against Iran.

zoom shots

Zoom Shot: Balenciaga’s Barbed Wire

Or maybe it's thorny branches?

ins and outs

Confirmed: Deborah Needleman Moves to T

She's officially leaving WSJ.

true love

Gildo Zegna Got His Own Column in Yesterday’s International Herald Tribune to Discuss His Love for Stefano Pilati

"Stefano will make it happen."

depth of field

Eighteen Vintage Fashion Images by French Photographer Jeanloup Sieff

His daughter Sonia takes us through some of the French photographer's best shots.

faces of things

Kristen Stewart’s Pants Did Not Disappoint at the Balenciaga Show Today

She wore enthralling leggings at the Balenciaga show today.

model tracker

Vogue Is Really Going to Stop Using Underage Models Now



Why Straight Moms Should Parent Like Lesbians

My straight friends need a gay liberation.

outfit of the week

Outfit of the Week: The Urban Naturalist

Earthy takes a polished turn with soft leathers, high-heeled boots, and a belted shirt dress.

look of the day

Emma Watson Wore Dior Couture

A peplum top over matching pants.

love and basketball

Brooklynettes Promise to Be Fascinating, Bouncy

The six-member cheer team for the Brooklyn Nets wears little, dances a lot.

zoom shots

Zoom Shot: Rochas’s Sporty Drama Queen

Athletic meets Old Hollywood.

stuck in the mittle

New Paris Spring 2013 Shows: Rochas, Dries Van Noten, More

Plus, Gareth Pugh, Rue de Mail, and Alexis Mabille.

stuck in the mittle

Mormon Chat Forum Dissects Ann Romney’s 'Garments’ (or Lack Thereof)

Or lack thereof.

zoom shots

Zoom Shot: Dries Van Noten’s Master Mix of Prints

A gutsy mash-up of plaids, florals, checks, and houndstooth that totally works.

three is a trend

Grunge Cleans Up

Time to wash your flannel.

dior watch

Newly Blonde Natalie Portman Finally Gets Her Turn in Dior Couture

But it was possibly the most famous look of the collection, so that's still a win for her.

portrait of a lady

See Watercolor Portraits of U.S. Congresswomen

Someone ought to make trading cards. 

best bets

Best Bet: Luxirare Leather Scarf

Skip the classic wool for a change.

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