Glam Slam: The Cat’s Meow

Wednesday, 19 September 2012 by Irwan K Ch
September 19, 2012

Remember back in the day how excited you were to go shopping for new school shoes each fall?

I was reminded of that on a shopping trip with my daughter this weekend and how something so simple can make a child so happy.

I was in the Gap with my 3-year-old, when the store clerk mentioned that sale items were an additional 40% off the lowest price. I bought two pairs of sandals for her for next summer that ended up being $2.75 a pair! I was ecstatic about this amazing deal. But my daughter kept looking at an adorable pair of metallic flats with a cat face on the toe. These were from the new season and not on sale, so I was not really inclined to buy them — I was in bargain mode, darn it!

But she kept trying them on… and walking around the store. And going back to them and trying them on again and again. She really, really, really LOVED those shoes and I ended up getting them for her.

It was a wise decision. She has worn the shoes non-stop ever since. She doesn’t want to take them off at all and she even wanted to wear them to bed, but we drew the line at that, of course!

Cats are the catwalk’s meow these days. Charlotte Olympia’s velvet “Kitty” flats with the cute cat face come with a whopping $595 price tag.

I got off easy - my daughter’s shoes were less than 30 bucks.

When was the last time a purchase made you so happy? Or should I say purr-fectly happy.



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