The Paul Ryan Honeymoon Is Over for Romney | Groupon at the Crossroads

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 by Irwan K Ch
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Seamus Romney

President Obama Goes There

"There" is, obviously, a Seamus joke.

Get Well Get Well Soon We Want You to Get Well

The Dog That Was Shot in the Head by the NYPD Yesterday Is Not Dead

It's still not doing great though.

The Amazing Ryan Brothers

Paul Ryan’s Brother Is a Private Equity Executive

Of course he is.

Joe Biden

What the Hell Did Joe Biden’s ‘Chain’ Remark Mean?

Our vice-president made one doozy of a speech today.

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney Told a Miami Radio Station That He Likes Papaya

That might not mean what he thinks it does.

Father-Son Bonding

Carl Icahn Gives Son $3 Billion Allowance, Tells Him to Be Amazing

No pressure, Brett.

Times Square

Gullible Guy’s Car Stolen in Times Square

Never leave your car running while strangers take pictures with it.

The Revenue Reckoning

Groupon at the Crossroads

The daily deals company is trying to be more like Amazon. But it may be too late.

Widow's Peaks

Paul Ryan: America’s First Widow’s-Peaked Vice-President?

We're pretty sure.

Matt Fisher

Progressive Is in Trouble With the Internet

The insurance company messed up big time.

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan With Dead Animals

He shoots to kill.

The National Interest

The Paul Ryan Honeymoon Is Over for Romney

Can he name a vice-vice-president to change the subject away from the Ryan plan?

Barack Obama

President Obama Is a Wizard

That is one explanation for this incredible photo.

Aurora Shooting

Judge Releases New Information on Aurora Shooting, Keeps Gag Order in Place

Lawyers complained about Holmes's seat in the courtroom.


Michelle Obama on Leno: It’s Fun to Watch the Secret Service Manage Kids

"Where'd she go?"

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