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Tuesday, 14 August 2012 by Irwan K Ch
The Cut Fashion Alert

for Tuesday, August 14, 2012

model tracker

Inside the Models Studio: Jourdan Dunn Hates the Word Major

The 22-year-old top model talked to The Cut about a variety of topics.

lochte it down

Ryan Lochte Will Almost Definitely Be Shirtless for His 90210 Guest Role

He plays himself.

the aisle

The Real Reason Jennifer Aniston’s Fans Worried About Her

It's not because she was single.

ice cream makes everything better

What Robert Pattinson Was Really Thinking During Those Awkward Silences on The Daily Show

"Pretending to eat ice cream is a great way to avoid talking."


A Stint at Modeling School Didn’t Help Jennifer Lopez One Bit

She just doesn't need any help in front of the camera.

street style

Global Street Style: From Tokyo to Tbilisi and Beyond

A sneak preview of The Cut’s weekly international street-style coverage.

look book

The Linda Evangelista Look Book

See the legendary supermodel's best off-duty looks from the past three decades.

slash jobs

Wanting to Buy Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Underwear Doesn’t Have to Be Creepy Anymore

She designs lingerie now.

disco fragrance

Latex, Naked Men, and Oily Massages: It Could Only Be Lady Gaga’s New Fame Commercial

Well, technically, it could just be an adult movie. But it's not.

her mossness

Kate Moss Is Your Regular Rocket Scientist

"She really knows her stuff."

first looks

Linda Evangelista Debuts Plastic Nipples in W

See the model as an (almost) anatomically correct action figure.


Anna Wintour Reveals the Real Reason Why She Put Jeans on Her First Vogue Cover

Back in November 1988.

rumor alert

Kristen Stewart’s Absence From New Balenciaga Commercial Has Nothing to Do With Her Cheating Scandal

Because the video was made long before the whole Rupert Sanders thing went down.

paul ryan

Paul Ryan Is Your Annoying Libertarian Ex-Boyfriend

In the dating world, an infatuation with Ayn Rand is a red flag.

girl talk

Michelle Obama Ribs Gabby Douglas for Splurging on Egg McMuffin

"I'm sure it was a whole-wheat McMuffin."

fall shoe guide

The Best Fall Shoes to Buy and Wear Now

From stacked heel boots and geometric pumps, to pointy flats and patterned brogues: see them in all their enlarged glory.

look of the day

What Does Robert Pattinson’s Outfit Say About His Current Emotional State?

He wore a blue suit to The Daily Show and the Cosmopolis premiere last night.

jane pratt

Jane Pratt’s Perpetual Adolescence: Why She’s Still Talking Teen Three Decades After Sassy

She helped launch confessional culture with the Gen X bible. Now 49, she's den mother to its journalistic progeny.

look book

The Victoria Beckham Look Book

See the Spice Girl turned designer's most memorable style moments.

best bets

Best Bet: Rugby Stripe Duffle

The carryall combines of-the-moment color-blocking with one of Coach's most iconic shapes.

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