The Miranda Kerr Look Book | Marion Cotillard on Plastic Surgery | Slideshow: Models When They Were Kids

Thursday, 23 August 2012 by Irwan K Ch
The Cut Fashion Alert

for Thursday, August 23, 2012


Simon Doonan Has a Question for You

It's about shoes.


Tick-Tock, the Male Biological Clock

Why women are obsessed with studies about aging sperm.

love and war

Which Is Worse, 'Boudoir’ or 'Morning After’ Photography?

We get it, we get it, you lost your virginity.

plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery Makes Marion Cotillard Sad

"I guess I won’t have Botox or whatever you put inside yourself to look younger."

hugs not drugs

Charlotte Ronson’s Forthcoming Show and After-Party Brought to You by Best Drug Rehabilitation

RSVP: Hell yes.

celebrities who design

Katie Holmes’s Fashion Presentation Set for Lincoln Center

Holmes & Yang will show at the tents, apparently.


Elettra Wiedemann’s BFF Makeup Artist: 'I Call Her Titty’

The model and the makeup artist are bosom buddies.


Why Do Women Vote Republican?

Instead of asking them, let's guess.


Both Sides of a Breakup: Her Husband Wanted to Date Men

Ten years, three kids, and a second marriage later, Aaron and Sarah are back in touch.

wanna be on top

You Guys, Tyra Banks and P’Trique Made a Top Model Trailer!

It's totes amaze!

look book

The Miranda Kerr Look Book

Looking back at the Australian-born Victoria's Secret Angel's outfits over the years.

ins and outs

Diesel Black Gold Gets a New Designer

Andreas Melbostad will replace Sophia Kokosalaki in October.

mystery solved

Why Fox News Anchors Wear So Much Makeup

It's like a Broadway show for people with cataracts.

nailing it

Navy Nail Polish Is Having a Moment

Get ready for the blues.

model tracker

See Over 50 Models When They Were Just Kids

Bowl cuts, goth phases, and pet monkeys included.

look of the day

Liberty Ross’s Revenge Appearances Continue

She attended the Lawless premiere yesterday in Hollywood, California.

best bets

Best Bet: Aoko Su Bauhaus Earrings

The hoop gets a modernist architectural update.

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