Obama: Screw Congress, I’m DREAM Act–ing Myself | Farewell, Sue Simmons

Friday, 15 June 2012 by Irwan K Ch
Friday, June 15, 2012
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Borough Park Buildings Defaced With Swastikas

Real original.


Farewell, Sue Simmons: WNBC Anchor, Blooper Queen, and Groundhog-Impersonator Extraordinaire

The 32-year nightly news veteran ends her run tonight.

The National Interest

Right-wing Journalist Goes Nuts at White House

Fortunately Tucker Carlson's reputation is unable to sink lower.

Ray Dolin

Hitchhiker Who Suffered Ironic Gunshot Wound Actually Shot Himself

A win for the kindness of Americans.


Jose Antonio Vargas Just Misses Immigration Policy Cutoff, Is Thrilled Anyway

He's 31, not 30.

Get Sporty

Mayor Bloomberg Has Definite Opinions on Women’s Clothing

Just because you dress "sporty" doesn't make you a prostitute, he explains.

Neighborhood News

You Probably Don’t Properly Appreciate NYC’s Public Drinking Fountains

Also, call your mother! You probably don't appreciate her enough, either.

John McCain

John McCain Helpfully Accuses Romney Campaign of Benefiting From Chinese Money

Bad surrogate! Bad!


Rajat Gupta, Corporate Chieftain, Convicted of Insider Trading [Updated]

It's the government's biggest get yet.

Equal Rites

Queens Kid Blocked From Making Same-Sex-Marriage Speech

The fifth-grader was told his subject was inappropriate.


Benjamin Moore CEO Probably Should Have Run That Bermudan Cruise By Warren Buffett First

A supposedly fun thing he'll never do again, because he got fired.

The National Interest

Obama: Screw Congress, I’m DREAM Act–ing Myself

You want an explainer about what Obama is doing and why he's doing it, right? Okay.

Nik Wallenda

Aren’t You Bummed Out That Niagara Falls Tightrope Walker Nik Wallenda Won’t Plummet to His Death Tonight?

ABC, which is airing the stunt, has demanded that Wallenda wear a safety harness.


As Gift to Lazy Political Writers From Metaphor Gods, Bain Capital May Buy Huntsman

The Huntsman family biz is reportedly on the block.

Crossing Over

President Obama Basically Just Passed the DREAM Act by Himself [Updated]

The Obama administration announces a bold new election-year policy on deporting young illegal immigrants.

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