Vulture Breaking News Alert: The Hard Truths Behind Dan Harmon’s Community Ousting

Wednesday, 23 May 2012 by Irwan K Ch
Vulture Breaking News Alert
The Hard Truths Behind Dan Harmon's Community Ousting
It's been nearly 100 hours since the news broke that Community creator Dan Harmon had been fired from his show. Harmon quickly posted a note to his blog explaining his understanding of the situation, while fans — many of them in the media — began a relentless assault on NBC and the show's production company, Sony, for even considering the idea of producing the show without its creative soul. "Down with the suits!" was the traditional, inevitable reaction: Harmon is an auteur who from the beginning was the guiding vision of the show, and he quickly became the off-camera face of Community. To acolytes of the sitcom, firing him was heresy. However, as much as we may love Harmon's work on Community, it is our journalistic duty to take a clear-headed, unbiased look at just what went into a decision that left so many people Chang-ry and dean-sappointed. Warning: As we look at some of the difficult questions behind the Harmon ousting, hard truths may follow.  Read More »
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