How (and Why) to Dine Solo | L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon's Days Could Be Numbered

Wednesday, 16 May 2012 by Irwan K Ch

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Eating and Dancing

‘Sprawling’ (and Mysterious) Red Hook Food-and-Music Venue Opening in, Um, Two Weeks

If the Great GoogaMooga were like the Glastonbury Festival, the Brooklyn Terminal Project would be Ibiza.

Publicity Stunts

Fat Guy Upset That Restaurant Didn’t Keep Pandering to His Gluttony

One man pickets an all-you-can-eat restaurant after they cut him off at twenty servings of fried fish.

The Other Critics

Ripert, Chang, Bourdain Ripping Alan Richman a New One Tonight

Le Bernardin is hosting a roast for the 'GQ' critic.

Department of Deportment

Department of Deportment: How (and Why) to Dine Solo

Despite the stigma, there are considerable benefits to be had when heading out to a restaurant alone.


L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon’s Days Could Be Numbered; The Four Seasons Allegedly Hunting for New Tenant

L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon will close and be replaced by another high-end restaurant this year, according to sources.

Steak Yums

There’s a ‘New’ Cut of Beef: the Vegas Strip Steak

Although nobody is willing to talk about where, exactly, the cut comes from.

Video Feed

Hey, Scotland: Rashida Jones Has Had Your Haggis, and She Hates It

It is not just like sausage, so quit pretending.

Coming Soon

Guy Fieri Opening Gigantic NYC Restaurant in Times Building

It'll be in Times Square, obviously.

The Other Critics

Wells and Sutton Take a Shine to Perla; The New Yorker Praises Atera Too

Plus: Sietsema at Parish Hall, Jay Cheshes at Gwynnett St., and more of this week's restaurant reviews.


Millesime Dialing Prices Way Back, for a Day

Oysters, lamb, and ice cream: yours for $1.25.


Algonquin Angling for a New Round Table

Meanwhile, old-timers are mad about the demise of the Oak Room cabaret night.


Getting Schooled: Harvard Will Honor Jamie Oliver

He'll get the Healthy Cap Award for his efforts to curb childhood obesity.


Littleneck Team Opening the Pines; L’Asso EV Adds Lunch

Plus: Kutsher's Tribeca is now delivering, Millbrook Winery hosts Vineyard Express, and more of today's leftovers.


Truck Crash Spills 36,000 Pounds of Yogurt on I-88

That's about 576,000 servings.

Quote of the Day

Michael Anthony Relays Emotional Details of His Open-Heart Surgery

His life-changing experience.



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