21 Questions: Comedian Hannibal Buress | Bully Romney and the Gay Vote

Wednesday, 16 May 2012 by Irwan K Ch
Wednesday, May 16, 2012
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Modern Love

Every Finance Guy Maintains Some Kind of Weird Dating Document

This guy gives out a survey. 

Crimes and Misdemeanors

Stop-and-Frisk Lawsuit Bumped Up to Class-Action Status

A district court judge went pretty hard against the city's defense.

Hannibal Buress

Hannibal Buress Doesn’t Know Whether His Stove Works

The comedian answers our 21 Questions. 

Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights Library Sounds Like a Wild Place

Porn. Stabbings. Homeless people. It's anarchy over there. 

White Men Losing Money

JPMorgan Sued by Shareholders Over Losses

Some investors aren't taking that $2 billion misstep so well.


James Lipton Grades Presidents’ Acting Skills

On George W. Bush: "That is not acting, it is a soul revealed and it makes me want to weep."

The Circus

Frank Rich on the National Circus: Bully Romney and the Gay Vote

Mitt is the the Demon Barber of Wall Street.


George Zimmerman Medical Report Details Wounds From Fight With Trayvon Martin

Martin's autopsy and Zimmerman's medical report list the injuries.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama Conducts a War on Women...’s Hearts and Minds!

His best attempts at pandering to women, ranked.

David Axelrod

Go See John Heilemann and David Axelrod at 92Y!

We already have our tickets!

Brian Williams

Brian Williams Had David Letterman Cracking Up

BriWi knows the location of the famous Navy SEALs dog.

Barack Obama

Future Magazine Covers Proclaiming Barack Obama the First Something President

The First Eskimo President?

The National Interest

Life Imitates The Simpsons (or: The Buffet Rule)

Man pickets fish restaurant over false promise of "all you can eat." Calling Lionel Hutz.

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney Actually Worth Around $230 Million

According to Forbes


Ashley Dupré Opened a Lingerie Shop in New Jersey

She's apparently alive and well.

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