Flavor Ammo: Cooking With a Vaporizer | Bar Henry Becomes Austin-Themed ZirZamin

Wednesday, 9 May 2012 by Irwan K Ch

Daily New York Food News from NYMag.com & MenuPages.com

Mr. Chow Might Save John Travolta From Sex Allegations

Saved by chicken and broccoli.

Coffee Buzz

Designer Coffee, Made by Robots

The future is here.

Flavor Ammo

Flavor Ammo: How to Cook With Your Vaporizer

That is to say, actually cook, in your kitchen. Your $500 Volcano is even more useful than you might think.

Booze News

M.I.A. Takes On the Beck’s Beer Label

Peace, love, harmony, ... beer.

Sore Loser

Pegu Club Is Feeling ‘Bitters’

PDT envy.

Hunger Games

About Half of Americans Will Be Obese by 2030

Order egg whites.


Bar Henry Becomes Austin-Themed ZirZamin

A "subterranean music parlour" with a menu of Lone Star eats and drinks.

Slice Wars

Artichoke Pizza Provokes Heated Debate

But who gets burned?


Relish the Moment: The Hot-Dog Hooker Is Free

But not for long.

The Other Critics

Tejal Rao Debuts With Perla; Ryan Sutton Anoints Torrisi ‘New York Heaven’

Plus: La Silhouette, Vandaag's weenie window, and more of this week’s critical reviews.


It’s Pete Wells’s Turn to Pay Tribute to Craig Claiborne

The original restaurant critic.

Lit News

Harold Dieterle’s First Book to Be Titled Harold Dieterle’s Kitchen Notebook

With Andrew Friedman.


Hearth Hosts Long Night of German Wines for Charity; The Claw Opens a Second Location in Midtown

Plus: a slideshow of vintage restaurants, Lidia Bastianich signs books at Red Hood Fairway, and more of today's leftovers.

Location Location

Better Hurry If You Want to Live Above the New Brooklyn Fare

The Hell's Kitchen building that will house the restaurant/grocer is leasing fast.

Empire Building

Danny Meyer Eyes One World Trade Center

Shake Shack on a white cloud.

Dystopian Futures

There Does Seem to Be Such a Thing As Too Much Kale

At a certain point, it's probably time to join kale-aholics anonymous.



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