Brad Pitt for Chanel No. 5 | Q&A With Iris Apfel | The Best and Worst of April Fashion Magazines

Wednesday, 9 May 2012 by Irwan K Ch
fashion calendar

Tomorrow’s Events and Sales: Up to 80 Percent Off at Araks; Discounts at Lafayette 148 New York

Plus, last chance at Nanette Lepore.


Francisco Costa Is 'Fascinated With Women’

"They are so important."

his forbulessness

Tom Ford Wants Kids, Won’t Do an H&M Collaboration

"I’m also anal-retentive and a pain in the a**."


Kate Middleton Wears the Closest Thing to Sexy Yet

A cream-colored gown with an Angelina Jolie–esque slit.


As Far As Stephen Jones Knows, Bill Gaytten Is Leaving Dior and Going to Galliano

"He'll live a lot longer if he just does Galliano."

store openings

Today’s Superdry Opening Was, in Fact, Quite Wet

Har har.


Linda Evangelista’s Child-Support Case Is Over

She either got "close" or "not close at all" to $46,000 a month.

store openings

Piperlime to Open Its Very First Retail Store

In Soho this fall.

faces of things

Confirmed: Brad Pitt for Chanel No. 5 Campaign

He's the first man to front the scent.

loose threads

Carla Bruni Is Working on a New Album; Makes a New Hire

Plus, two more i-D covers. Wink, wink.

first looks

Q&A: Iris Apfel on Her New Handbag Collection, the Met Gala, and Kids These Days

Plus pictures of the complete handbag line.


Chris Burch Ex-Employee Says He Was Fired for Not Being Gay

 Jamie Ardigo sues his former boss for $1 million.

tear sheets

The Best and Worst of April Fashion Magazines

Boxing gloves, mimes, spirit animals, and Kate Moss at the Ritz.

best bets

Best Bet: Maison Boinet Belt

A sleek leather-and-gold belt to nip in the waist.

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