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Tuesday, 26 July 2011 by Irwan K Ch

Pearl Jam Twenty Trailer: Cameron Crowe Digs Music

See the trailer for Crowe's Pearl Jam documentary.

Amy Winehouse’s Intelligent Soul

What’s worth remembering about Winehouse is that she really could be wickedly good at using her brain and her expertise to create music that really worked.

Kevin Smith Fondly Remembers Telling Harvey Weinstein to Shut Up

With a few choice expletives.

The Strokes Get the Tribute Treatment

From Real Estate, the Morning Benders, Heems ...

Theater Review: Zach Braff Comes to the Empire State

Zach Braff comes to the Empire State.

Björk and Michel Gondry Take a Trip to Outer Space

See the video for "Crystalline."


The New York Times
Film Club

Passionate about film?
Join the club.

Toronto Film Festival Lineup: Madonna, Clooney, Fassbender, and More

See the movies that were unveiled today.

Main Street Trailer: Drawls for Everyone

"Auntie, who did you rent your warehouse to?" What?

The Vulture Book Recap: Reading A Dance With Dragons Together, Part 4

What's going on inside the head of a priestess who burns men alive and gives birth to murderous spectres?

Kelly Rowland on Her New Album, X Factor Hosting, and Beyoncé

"I saw these yellow dresses we wore with feathers on the bottom of them. We looked like three big birds."

Margin Call Trailer: Zachary Quinto Foresaw Our Economic Collapse

Check out the star-filled trailer for this financial drama.

The Big Lebowski House Is on the Market

Bathe where the Dude bathed.

John Goodman Joins Season Three of Community

Omar's not the only one coming to Thursdays.

20 Workplaces Crying Out for a Reality Show

If there's a show about fish-tank builders, how about a show about the people who make reality shows?

Vulture Premieres a New Track From Exitmusic

Some exclusive stuff right here!

Smurf Conspiracy-Theory Roundup: Are They Racist? Misogynist? Closet KKK?

Let's hit the Internet and find out why people are Smurfing the alarm.

Good Old Fashioned Orgy Trailer: Jason Sudeikis Still Hopes to Get Lucky

The 'SNL' vet again plays a horny Everyman.

The Gaslight Anthem’s Brian Fallon on His New Band, the Horrible Crowes, and His Pal Bruce Springsteen

"I totally steal Bruce's moves. But I know Bruce well enough know to tell him I steal them."




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