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Tuesday, 2 October 2012 by Irwan K Ch
October 2, 2012

Confession: I haven’t had a “real” haircut situation in three years.

By that I mean, having an actual appointment and going into a salon where they wash your hair, cut it and style it… all while you drink ice water with lemon and cucumbers. Since becoming a mom, I just don’t have that kind of time to lounge around in a salon anymore… and I also can’t justify paying for an expensive cut these days.

I’ve mostly been going to places where you don’t need an appointment. Like Floyd’s Barbershops, where you can run in and be done in a few minutes. I had some really good haircuts there and I loved how cheap they were when I first started going there. It’s only 24 bucks!

But then I began to be charged different prices at different branches… until I was finally being charged $35 dollars for a women’s cut because my hair is below my shoulders.

I get a super simple trim and most times, I was in the chair for a shorter period of time than the guy sitting next to me… so I stopped going to Floyd’s and won’t be back. They base it on length, but it should be about the difficulty of the cut. I get so angry when women are charged more!

Which explains why I haven’t had my haircut in six months. I just didn’t know where to go. I was talking about it with a co-worker and she suggested one of the cheap places like Supercuts or Fantastic Sams since all I needed was a trim. There were several Fantastic Sams near my work and after looking at reviews online, I chose one where a customer wrote that they had never waited more than two minutes.

I got there and it looked busy. All three stylists were with clients and there were two guys ahead of me. I was in a big hurry and getting antsy. I ended up waiting 25 minutes. I haven’t been in a Fantastic Sams since I was in high school and in a way, it still looks the same. Very minimal as far as any décor goes, but it was clean and that was fine. So was the price — $17.95.

The price included a wash. While my stylist was washing my hair, she and the other stylists were speaking only in another language and I felt a little like Elaine in that episode of “Seinfeld” at the nail salon. My stylist was very sweet though and she gave me a decent trim. She mentioned a couple of times that I should do a protein treatment, but didn’t really push me too much on products. I hate the hard sell, so I appreciated that.

My cut took less than 10 minutes. Easy peasy. She even blew out my hair for me…all for about half of what I’ve been paying at Floyds. Sure, it’s not hip like Floyds is, but I basically got the exact same cut.


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