Eight Surprisingly Awesome New Vegan Dishes | How to Take Your Parents to Cool Restaurants

Wednesday, 3 October 2012 by Irwan K Ch

Daily New York Food News from NYMag.com & MenuPages.com

Jeffrey’s Grocery Loses Chef Eric Milley, Gains Little Wisco Chef Collective

McDuffee, Toscana, Tran, Brunet-Benkritly, Ho.


Time Out Releases Its 100 Best Dishes List

Hope you're hungry.

Department of Deportment

How to Take Your Parents to Cool Restaurants

You want free food from a good restaurant, but you don't want to listen to dad complain about the music for two hours. We've got you covered.


Homemade Sushi Thwarts East Village Eviction

Rent-controlled tenant avoids getting the raw deal with raw fish.

Say Cheese

Meet Marty Arps, the Chipotle Employee Who Made a Mitt Romney Photo Op Moderately Interesting

Meeting Mitt is just like meeting Nicki Minaj.

Quote of the Day

Hell Is Other Diners

Four-eyed purple prose hater.


Take a Look at Carmellini’s Library at the Public Menus

The restaurant opens next Tuesday.

The Other Critics

Pete Wells and The New Yorker Laud Calliope; Cuozzo Trashes M. Wells Dinette

Plus: Sutton on Barclays and more in our weekly roundup of critical reactions.


Trouble at the Beatrice: Opening Delayed Over Issues With the Menu and the Name

No matter what, we're looking forward to it.


Is Keith McNally’s Pastis Closing in the Meatpacking District?

An inside source says the restaurateur was given an ultimatum last month.


Sullivan St. Bakery Collabs With Sixpoint; Cheap Pizza for Charity

Plus: An East Village chef hits Food Network, a celebrated Swedish chef hits midtown, and more, all in our end-of-day news roundup.


Michelin Stars 2013 Announced: The NoMad, Blanca, Torrisi, and Atera Are All There

The French guidebook drops its annual list.

Quote of the Day

Stanley Tucci Was Once a First-Grade Food Snob

A real Italian hero, he is.

Food Arts

Here’s a Cheetos Portrait of Barack Obama

Presidential, and full of carbs.

Grub Guide

Eight Surprisingly Awesome New Vegan Dishes

NYC's meat- and dairy-free options are better than ever.

Hoof Watch

Animal-Rights Activists Want M. Wells Dinette to Lay Off the Horse Meat

If only we were talking about burgers and not tartare.

Canal Kettle Corn

Try Some Gowanus Polenta?

It might make a nice decoration, though.



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