Why Do Successful Chefs Risk Their Reputations in New York? | A Dozen Excellent Options for Group Dinners

Wednesday, 12 September 2012 by Irwan K Ch

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It Takes Two

McDonald’s China Makes ‘Black and White’ Burgers, World Responds With Collective ‘Huh?’

The Froot Loop bubble tea looks good, though.


Williamsburg Pizza Will Open Tonight With (of Course) a Visit From Marty Markowitz

The borough prez rarely misses a chance to grab some food.


Citing ‘Starbucks Effect,’ Met Scraps Food-Kiosk Plans

"This spells Starbucks: a place to hang out all day and have coffee."

Everyday Occurrences

Athlete Parties at Celeb-Friendly Resto, Gets Pretty Much Everything Comped

Who would have possibly thought Hakkasan would comp its celebrity customers?

Empire Building

All In: Why Do Successful Chefs Risk Their Reputations to Hit It Big in New York?

It isn't about the glory, it's about the chance to make money all over the country.


Motorino Will Indeed Reopen in Williamsburg

Those community-board agendas never lie.

The Other Critics

(Almost) Everyone Eats in Brooklyn; Daily News Pans Siro’s

Plus, Ryan Sutton is won over at Gwynnett St., Jay Cheshes take on two sandwich shops, and more of this week's restaurant reviews.

What to Eat

What to Eat at GRK, Bringing ‘Yeeros’ and Yogurt to the FiDi Today

Terrible name, healthy lunches.

The Feeding Tube

Fox Actually Passed on a Gordon Ramsay Show

'Gordon Behind Bars' just won't fly at the network.


Martha Stewart Now on Hulu; Make Your Own Gefilte Fish

Plus: the Purple Fig closed, and more of today's leftovers.


L.A.’s Ricardo Zarate Brings Beef Hearts and Yuzu Kosho to City Grit This Weekend

The hot L.A. chef is doing a two-night stint in NYC.

Grub Guides

Something to Celebrate: A Dozen Excellent Options for Group Dinners

Because Grub Street's restaurant advice board editorial team gets asked about this a lot.


What to Eat at Gaonnuri, Serving Upscale Korean High Above K-Town

The restaurant opens Thursday.


Elizabeth Olsen on Reservation Name-Dropping and Informal Restaurant Consulting

"Normally I get, 'We have a waiting list,' and I go, 'That's cool!' But maybe if I give my name, you'll get me in."


Yet Another Racist Receipt Issued to a Chain-Restaurant Customer, This Time at Hooters

The latest in a series of racist receipts.



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