Whose Idea Was It to Nominate Romney, Anyway? | Enterprising College Buckaroos Start a Hedge Fund

Friday, 28 September 2012 by Irwan K Ch
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White Boys With Money

Enterprising College Buckaroos Start a Hedge Fund



Post Reporter Threatens Atomic Wedgies Against NYPD Officers Who Targeted Him Online

After he unearthed an illicit Police Plaza One BBQ.

Matt Damon

Gulf Oil Emirs Are Bankrolling Matt Damon’s Anti-Fracking Film

Looks like yes.

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan Still Not Clinching the Catholic Vote for Mitt Romney

Which now favors Obama by 15 points.

White Men With Recovered Art

Jeffrey Gundlach Got His Art Back


Barack Obama

Mitt Romney Plans to Stay Awake for 72 Hours Prior to First Debate, and Other Revelations

The expectations-setting game has gotten really ridiculous.

Mitt Romney

China Front and Center in New Jon Huntsman Documentary

But his campaign fizzled before it could become an issue.

Mars Curiosity

Mars Curiosity Rover Discovers Evidence of ‘Vigorous’ Ancient Stream

Round rocks.

The National Interest

Whose Idea Was It to Nominate Romney, Anyway?

Can America stand six more weeks of this?


Apple CEO Says He’s Sorry for Glitch-Ridden iPhone Maps App

"We fell short."

George W Bush

If Mitt Romney Disappears for a While, He Might One Day Be As Popular As George W. Bush

As of now, Bush is more popular.

The National Interest

Evan Bayh, Concerned American and Non-Shill

The former senator has apparently taken up a moonlighting gig as a freelance op-ed writer. How noble.

David Petraeus

David Petraeus Has No Shortage of Job Prospects

Or he could just stay at the CIA.

Sad Things

Connecticut Man Shoots and Kills Apparent Intruder Who Happened to Be His Son

A horrible turn of events.

Obama Phone

The Curious Case of the ‘Obama Phone’ Video

Limbaugh: "These are the 47 percent."

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