The Inevitable M. Wells Horse-Meat Controversy | 'Top Chef Masters' Finale Recap

Thursday, 27 September 2012 by Irwan K Ch

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Breaking Bread

On a Roll: Roberta’s Is Now Making Bagels

We're tempted to declare hipster bagels a trend.

Real Talk With Danny Meyer

Danny Meyer Says Raising Meat Prices Won’t Affect Our ShackBurgers

"We're not going to change our menu prices."

Belmont Steaks

Hoof Watch: Tracking the Inevitable M. Wells Horse-Meat Controversy

Sensational? Neigh.


Sneak Peek at Fabbrica, Serving Espresso and Pastries in Williamsburg, With a Full Italian Menu Coming Soon

The pastry chef hails from Balthazar and the chef from a triple-Michelin-starred place in Modena, Italy.

Big Apple Moves

Will Koren Grieveson Land an NYC Restaurant Gig?

Grieveson heads east.

Top of the Morning

Tertulia Adds Weekday Breakfast, With Help From Dominique Ansel

The pastry chef is making a jamón-and-cheese-stuffed "croissant Ibérico."

Video Feed

See a Mouse Scamper Through Fairway’s Olive Bins

It would be adorable if it weren't so disgusting.

Yeasty Beasties

This Rogue Brewery Guy Deserves a Beard Award

Next year: Gorgonzola inoculated with toe fungus.

Home Appliances and Gardens

Wylie Dufrense Builds a Playhouse, Dave Arnold Says ‘Consider the Microwave’

House parties with these guys must be a blast.


The Waldorf Astoria Actually Recovered Some Stolen Coffee Pots and Silverware

The hotel had offered an "amnesty" program for pilfered items.


Top Chef Masters Finale Recap: Playing With Heart

Bow down to the new Top Chef Master.

Pie in the Sky

Danny Meyer and Marc Murphy Among Potential WTC Operators

Revenues of more than $100 million per year are to be expected.


Foraging in Prospect Park; Fall Cocktail Lists at the Wayland and Maison Premiere

Plus: a Peruvian food cart in midtown, another Oktoberfest option, and more of today's leftovers.

Quote Of The Day

No Thanks, I’m Driving

So: Yuck.

Acting Critical

Justin Timberlake May Take on New York Restaurant Critic Role

He's bringing sexy back to restaurant reviewing.


Finally, Katy Dreams of Jiro

Three's a crowd, especially at a ten-seat sushi bar.

Coming Soon

Burger Shop Coming to Hicks Street in Carroll Gardens

"Shake Shack–style burgers for $5."


What to Eat at Prime at the Bentley, Serving Kosher Steaks and Sushi 21 Stories Up

The pop-up is expected to stay open for the next three or four months.

A Lot of Beans

Jack’s Stir Brew and Fair Folks Offer Perks and Parties

Coffee gets personal.



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