Rich: Romney’s Bubble Bursts | American Flag Gets Last Laugh

Tuesday, 18 September 2012 by Irwan K Ch
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International Intrigue

American Flag Gets Last Laugh

A Pakistani protester died from inhaling the smoke of a burning American flag.

Scott Howell

Orrin Hatch Probably Going to Die Soon, Says Opponent


The Circus

Frank Rich on the National Circus: Romney’s Bubble Bursts

Mitt reveals himself to be a callous man who doesn't know how Americans live.

The Internet

Keith Olbermann Made a Maniacal, DIY ‘Special Comment’ About the Mitt Romney Video

Who needs a cable show?


John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Romney’s Candid Camera Moment

"He seems small."

Executive Decisions

Marissa Mayer Is Making Big Changes at Yahoo

The registered trademark symbol is no more.

Yunel Escobar

Toronto Blue Jays Shortstop Accused of Putting Anti-Gay Slur Right on His Face

"Tu Ere Maricon" was written in his eye black.

The National Interest

Mitt: Palestinians Are the 47 Percent

A hopeful vision of the future.

Crimes and Misdemeanors

NYPD Arrests Almost 200 Occupy Protesters, Roughs Up City Councilman Again

Jumaane Williams and the police just can't seem to get along.

Stand Clear of the Closing Doors

Disgusting Subway Pervert Not Violent Enough for Jail

Apparently molesting women trapped on packed cars isn't forceful.

Stick In the Mittle

Romney Gets First Intelligence Briefing

In a related Romney story ...


Rich on Maddow: Fox News Risks Losing GOP Support

Republicans will fight it out, whether or not Mitt Romney wins.

Today Show

On Second Thought, Today’s Ann Curry Curse May Be Real

Also possible: GMA is simply better than Today.

Marc Leder

Host of Romney’s ‘47 Percent’ Fund-raiser Known for Throwing Wild, Sexy Parties

Though this one mainly focused on Mitt's theories on Obama supporters.

The Scream

Edvard Munch’s The Scream to Go on Display at MoMA

We all scream for Munch's 'Scream.'

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