Mashable: Latest 17 News Updates - including “iPhone 5 Will Support 4G LTE Wireless Network [REPORT]”

Sunday, 9 September 2012 by Irwan K Ch

Mashable: Latest 17 News Updates - including “iPhone 5 Will Support 4G LTE Wireless Network [REPORT]”

iPhone 5 Will Support 4G LTE Wireless Network [REPORT]

Posted: 08 Sep 2012 09:43 PM PDT

The upcoming iPhone 5 will support 4G LTE, or what Apple calls "the fastest cellular network."

The company's latest smartphone will work on networks worldwide, including in the U.S., Europe and Asia, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday. But the iPhone 5 won't likely work with all carriers' LTE networks in every country, a source told the newspaper.

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LTE is a next-generation wireless broadband technology that helps users download content, stream video and browse the web at high speeds.

Mobile carriers such as T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon offer the ultrafast networks. Such wireless providers are encouraging customers to…
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Grindr CEO: 100 Percent of My Audience Does Not Have Equality

Posted: 08 Sep 2012 08:30 PM PDT

Grindr is mobilizing its nearly 1.5 million U.S. users in the presidential election and local elections to follow. The campaign will send in-app targeted messages to members in 50 states.

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AirBridge Promises to Seamlessly, Wirelessly Connect Your iPad and TV

Posted: 08 Sep 2012 07:40 PM PDT

Ever dreamed your TV could mirror exactly what you're looking at on your iPad without having to connect it physically? That dream is closer to becoming reality thanks to a new Kickstarter project called Airbridge.

Airbridge is a hardware add-on for Apple devices that will allow you to stream whatever is on your gadget screen via wireless. All you will have to do, according to the creators, is plug the dongle to your iPad or iPhone and snap the base to the TV and the two devices will automatically connect to each other. No need to deal with cables, no need to set up or configure anything. Airbridge will even create a Wi-Fi network if needed. The goa…
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RetroUI Lets You Switch From New Windows 8 OS to Classic Desktop

Posted: 08 Sep 2012 07:08 PM PDT

Daunted by the missing start button in Windows' latest operating system? A new software called RetroUI helps you bring back the classic user interface.

Windows 8 computers running the tool will log directly into an old-school Windows desktop, complete with start menu and taskbar. Users can then return to Windows 8, or switch back and forth between the two OSes. RetroUI can also be configured to eliminate or lock-out features from the newer tile-based user interface. Check out the video above for more.

Developed by software company Thinix, RetroUI is offering a week-long free trial for $4.95 on its website. Users can simply download and go, as "no…
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What It’d Take to Build an Uncrashable Car

Posted: 08 Sep 2012 06:12 PM PDT

As far as cars go, the Infiniti JX35 is a pretty smart cookie. Try to back up into somebody or something (a task you'd have to be a complete moron -- or an unwise journalist -- to actually pursue), and it beeps, switches the large dash display to a view of a rear-mounted camera, and, if all else fails, hits the brakes for you.

The JX35 isn't quite an uncrashable car (its tech is understandably focused on preventing back-up collisions), but it's a nice step, considering the frustrating fact that even today's newest, most technologically advanced cars operate as little bubbles on the highway.

My totally impractical, ridiculously expensive, and not-at-all-original plan for e…
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Wattvision Is the Speedometer of Your Home Energy Usage [VIDEO]

Posted: 08 Sep 2012 05:19 PM PDT

While you're worrying about your smartphone data usage, who's worrying about your home's energy usage? A company based in Princeton, N.J., makes monitoring your energy use easy with a smart energy sensor and mobile app, Wattvision 2, a Kickstarter-funded project.

Wattvision 2 links directly to your power meter – analog or digital – and sends your home's energy data straight to its servers. The company's open API allows for direct access through a smartphone app or on your laptop through the Internet. Sorted into real-time charts, the data will allow users to monitor their power usage by honing in on specific appliances to see how much energy the…
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Watch the Human Mind Explode a Watermelon [VIDEO]

Posted: 08 Sep 2012 04:36 PM PDT

Have you ever come home from a stressful day at work and felt like smashing a watermelon to pieces? Only, you didn't feel like getting up from the couch to do so?

Well, stress no more -- now all you have to do is think. LVL1, a hackerspace in Louisville, Ky., designed a get-up that gives folks the ability to blow up a watermelon -- using only their minds.

Here's how it works: The user (or fruit-destroyer) wears an EEG headset to interpret his or her brain waves. Then those signals are transferred into wireless impulses and sent to a CO2 cannon mounted at the bottom of the fruit. Once the user thinks hard enough, the signals fire off the cannon…
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Nokia Expands Apology for Misleading Lumia 920 Video, Photos

Posted: 08 Sep 2012 03:45 PM PDT

Nokia expanded its apology over faked video and photos used to publicize the company's newest flagship phone.

Unveiled on Wednesday, the Lumia 920 features the "PureView" camera, which has a "floating lens" optical image stabilization (OIS) technology that Nokia claims lets users take sharp photos and video.

Earlier this week, Nokia admitted a video that purportedly demonstrates the benefits of the 920's OIS capabilities was "a simulation" and not shot using its PureView camera. It later revealed on Saturday that promotional photos were also faked.

"The video was produced while the Nokia Lumia 920 was in early prototype and still not ready to show the full benefits of the amazin…
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Yes, That’s a Tornado in New York City [VIDEOS]

Posted: 08 Sep 2012 02:52 PM PDT

A tornado touched down in a New York City neighborhood on Saturday as severe storms swept over the East Coast.

Surprised New Yorkers quickly posted videos and photos of the tornado and subsequent damage (see below) on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks.

The tornado hit the Breezy Point area in Queens, N.Y., shortly after the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning Saturday morning. No serious injuries have been reported, the AP reports, adding that tornadoes used to be rare in New York but residents have experienced an uptick of them in recent years.

Did you witness the tornado? If so, share your footage or pics with us in the comments.

[View the st
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Classic Twister Game Moves Into Digital Age With Britney Spears

Posted: 08 Sep 2012 01:40 PM PDT

Hasbro has ditched the classic Twister mat for its latest version of the game -- Twister Dance -- opting instead for a digital setup complete with a sphere-shaped console, LED lights and a cable to connect your music player.

The mat has been replaced by movable colored spots. The console syncs to music, and players must match their dance steps to the corresponding flashing lights.

Twister Dance comes with five songs, including a "Till the World Ends" Twister remix from Britney Spears. A full music video of the remix premieres Sept. 9 at midnight on the game's website. The video features Spears, back-up dancers and Twister Dance (see below).

"I think kids will love rocking the sp…
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10 iPad Wallpapers Perfect for Autumn

Posted: 08 Sep 2012 12:59 PM PDT

1. Autumn Leaves by Brett Jordan

Water droplets enhance classic fall foliage.

Click here to view this gallery.

As we head into September, we're celebrating the change in seasons with beautiful, fall-themed wallpapers for your iPad. They'll look especially stunning on your tablet's 2,048x1,536 Retina display.

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Take a look through our awesome autumnal selection in the slideshow above. You can download the high-res versions by clicking each slide's title. Be sure to let us know in the comments below which ones you've opted for.

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Filmmakers Aim to Set the Record Straight About Nikola Tesla [VIDEO]

Posted: 08 Sep 2012 12:06 PM PDT

Filmmakers who say inventor and genius Nikola Tesla's name has been erased from history aim to change that with their docudrama, "Electricity: The Story and Life of Nikola Tesla."

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Top 10 Twitter Pics of the Week

Posted: 08 Sep 2012 10:57 AM PDT

1. Time to Surf

Harry Styles, of the British boy band One Direction instagrammed this picture of surfing bodysuits and his fans loved it. The picture was by far the most popular of the week with 15,178 retweets. It also reached 23.2 million people.

Click here to view this gallery.

The boy band domination of the Twitterverse continued this week. British boy band One Direction was all over the place, appearing in the first three positions and in the last one of this week's Top 10. Korean pop stars, as usual, were also very popular.

Skylines went through 56,745,865 pictures and compiled the list of the most re-tweeted and shared pics of the week.

SEE ALSO: Boy Band Fever Set the VMAs on Fire Online [INFOGRAPHIC] | Top 10 GIFs of the Week

What was your favorite Twitter picture from this week? Tell us about it in the comments.

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Taylor Swift Debuts Sad Song at First Social ‘Stand Up to Cancer’ [VIDEO]

Posted: 08 Sep 2012 09:55 AM PDT

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift debuted "Ronan," a tune co-written with a 3-year-old cancer victim's mom, during the Stand Up to Cancer televised charity special.

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47 Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed

Posted: 08 Sep 2012 09:40 AM PDT

Back to school for the kids, and back to work for the adults -- hopefully it has been a good summer.

Well, we know the shortened week after a holiday weekend can go by in a blur. Plus you might have been busy following the Democratic National Convention or the start of the NFL season.

If this is the case, and you haven't had time to read up on digital resources that could enrich your day-to-day life, don't fret because we've compiled a helpful guide for your reading pleasure.

This week's list includes back-to-school apps, tools for small business owners and entrepreneurs, and even an app that can help you decide how to be an equitable tooth fairy.

In anticipation of soon-to…
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See How College Football Looked Different in 1910 [PICS]

Posted: 08 Sep 2012 09:00 AM PDT

Atmosphere, then.

Army v. Yale October 19, 1912 Image couresy of The Library of Congress

Click here to view this gallery.

There is nothing quite like college football.

The crispness of Fall, the smell of hot dogs and hamburgers sizzling on the grill, the camaraderie between fans donning the same jersey colors -- you understand what we mean.

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In the early 20th century, fans liked college football too. But what they saw on the field looked a bit different from what we're accustomed to seeing from the sidelines today.

Want to know how different? Cut, spin and make a run through the gallery above.

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14 Career Experts to Follow on Twitter

Posted: 08 Sep 2012 07:37 AM PDT

The world of job-seeking has been turned upside down by social media. You have unprecedented access to companies (and hiring managers), you should be building a "personal brand," you should express personality, but not be aggressive. It can be a tough road to navigate. If you're looking for a job and some insights about how to land one, it helps to pay attention to the experts. Below, we outline 14 career experts whom you'd be wise to follow on Twitter.

1. @Glassdoordotcom

An employee-driven site, gets anonymous tips on the inside scoop of companies hiring by those who have been there. In addition to reviews on what it's like to work for certain businesses hiri…
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The Top 5 Apps Your Kids Will Love This Week

Posted: 08 Sep 2012 07:10 AM PDT

We know parents are sharing their smartphones and tablets with their kids, some as young as two years old! Good thing there are high quality educational apps out there that parents are downloading before they hand their devices over. In fact, research from the Pew Internet and American Life Project shows nearly six in ten app-using parents (57%) have downloaded apps for their children to use.

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Children's Technology Review has shared with Mashable five top apps from its comprehensive monthly database of kid-tested reviews. The site covers everything from math and counting to reading and phonics. There's even some S…
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