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Wednesday, 26 September 2012 by Irwan K Ch
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for Wednesday, September 26, 2012

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the kardashians

Countdown to Kardazzle Time

It's almost Kristmas!

model tracker

Lily McMenamy Set to Make Her Runway Debut in Paris

That's Kristen McMenamy's daughter.

best of

The Best Beauty Looks From Milan Fashion Week

Blackberry lips! Smarties! In-yo'-face hair!


Kate Middleton’s Dress Mix-up Causes International Tizzy

She accidentally wore a dress from the Cook Islands while in the Solomon Islands, gawd.

paris fashion week spring 2013

No Tickets Required for Tonight’s Mugler Show, Says Nicola Formichetti

A fashion free-for-all!

fashion mysteries

What Do We Call This Strange Garment on Kim Kardashian?

It's a reverse skort of sorts. 

model tracker

Numéro Has No Need for Karlie Kloss’s Rib Cage, Basic Human Bone Structure in Topless Pictures [NSFW]

Ribs are disposable, really.

the fug carpet

Red Carpet Reality: Inside the Emmys Hustle

It was a hot, sweaty mess.

look book

The Liya Kebede Look Book

The Ethiopian model and activist makes black outfits look anything but boring.

more than just pants

How Kristen Stewart Will Travel to the Balenciaga Show in Paris This Week

In fetching pants, we assume.

racial issues

To Discuss: Dolce & Gabbana’s Blackamoor-Inspired Earrings

Do you find them insensitive?

slash jobs

Many, Many People Tell Jessica White That She Sounds Like Beyoncé


paris fashion week

Nightlife: A Peek Into the Underground Clubs and Fashion Bars of Paris

Some of them are literally below ground, in basements designed by David Lynch.

our casual dysmorphia

Have Lady Gaga’s Underwear Pics Made You Love Your Lumpy, Misshapen Body Yet?

Or do they make you want to do back-to-back spin classes?


See 28 Jackets Perfect for Transitional Fall Weather

From leather motorcycle jackets to baseball bombers, this is the perfect time to layer up.

milan fashion week spring 2013

Twenty Spectacular Dresses From Milan

Fanciful wicker corsets at Dolce & Gabbana, starry pleated gowns at Giorgio Armani, and more.

look of the day

Elizabeth Olsen Finally Escaped From Mary-Kate’s Closet

She was spotted out in Chelsea wearing a pile of accessories.

paris fashion week

Caroline de Maigret Hands Out Party Invitations at Jacquemus

"It's super!"

paris fashion week spring 2013

New Spring 2013 Shows: Anthony Vaccarello, Cédric Charlier, and More

Sergei Grinko, Aganovich, and Moon Young Hee.


Joan Rivers on Fashion Week in a Nutshell

A wizard with metaphors, as usual.

sarah jessica parker Gets the Exclusive of Vogue in Glee

You scratch Vogue's back, they'll scratch Sarah Jessica Parker's, and she'll scratch yours.

best bet

Best Bet: Loeffler Randall Saffiano Shooter Bag

The most practical thing in racing red.


Meet the Postman From Texas Who Designs Hermès Scarves

Waco's Kermit Oliver is the label's only American designer.

loose threads

Hilaria Thomas’s Emmys Gown Was Lost; Victoria’s Secret’s Not-So-Sexy Geisha

Plus, Marks & Spencer is selling a ton of nude pumps, thanks to Kate Middleton.

the karl of it all

Frau Lagerfeld to Tiny Karl: 'You Look Like an Old Dyke’

Those kooky Lagerfelds!

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