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Monday, 24 September 2012 by Irwan K Ch
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for Monday, September 24, 2012

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Milan Shows Spring 2013
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sex tapes

Kanye West: Yes, That Is My 40-Minute Sex Tape

"Constant action. Seriously, the guy takes no breaks."

zoom shots

Zoom Shot: Giorgio Armani’s Celestial Harness

Be your own personal galaxy.

my new thing

Kate Young’s New Thing: The Row’s Calfskin Leather Backpack

It doesn't scream "fashion" — though it does elicit screams from fashion people.

red carpet crises

Sofia Vergara’s Red-Carpet Gowns Still Don’t Fit

It's officially a shtick.

great corrections

Vogue: State Department’s Dan Baer Not an Interior Designer

To be fair, he can talk Trading Spaces with the best of 'em.


Kate vs. Kate: The Lanphear-Bosworth Wardrobe Mash-Up

A perfect hybrid of tough, sweet, and super-styled.

look book

The Kate Bosworth Look Book

Examining the blonde, laid-back Californian turned high-fashion maven through the years.

wanna be on top

America’s Next Top Model Recap: Girls on Fire

Alicia Keys makes (almost) everything better.

mystery solved

Mitt Romney Makeup Culprit Identified

MAC powder foundation + campaign trail tan = national controversy.

zoom shots

Zoom Shot: Dolce & Gabbana’s Conquistador Dress

Ancient pottery comes to life.

words of encouragement

Vivienne Westwood’s Message to Would-Be Designers: Don’t Bother

She's so encouraging!

zomg shoes

Imelda Marcos’s Old Shoes Are Ruined

"Termites damaged the heel and sole of a white Pierre Cardin shoe."

the cut portfolio

Seen in Milan: Just One of the Belle Donne

The beauties backstage at Fendi, Armani, Jil Sander, and more.

disco traffic

This Is How Lady Gaga Casually Makes Her Way to Sephora

Just a quick drop-off, no bigs.


Lara Stone Plans a Bawdy British Burger Bar

She'll call the fast-food joint "Lara's Baps and Buns."

First Looks: Ippolita's New Gem-Filled Flagship

The jeweler's trademark candylike baubles now have a store to call home.

ze french

'Carla the Worker’ Statue Unveiled Ahead of Bruni’s France 2 Performance

An uncanny likeness.

back to school

Sensible Plan to Prevent Teen Pregnancy Sure to Be Met With Outrage

Please, no one tell Rush Limbaugh about this smart pilot program in New York City schools. 

fugging it up

Fug Girls: 2012 Emmys Superlatives, Including Saddest Hair and Best Breakup Cleavage

 Including sad hair, breakup cleavage, and a whole lot of yellow.

look of the day

Allison Williams Always Dreamed of Wearing Oscar de la Renta

And this weekend she wore not one, but two dresses by the designer.

notes from a fashion director

Amy Larocca’s Milan Fashion Dispatch, Days Four and Five

Girl-swapping, Dolce & Gabbana, and more from what might just be the best Milan season ever.

milan fashion week spring 2013

New Milan Shows: Missoni, Marni, Dolce & Gabbana, and More

Plus Salvatore Ferragamo, Trussardi, Byblos, and more.

Q&A: Carlotta Oddi, Anna Dello Russo’s Assistant

The 28-year-old on spending the last twelve months by the editor's side.

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