Glam Slam: Newest Style Steal!

Thursday, 13 September 2012 by Irwan K Ch
September 13, 2012

Check out my latest looks-more-expensive-than-it-is purchase. This grey tee with faux leather sleeves, which I bought from Zara for a whopping 29 bucks! Score!

Leather — faux or real — is huge for fall with just about everything getting the treatment from peplum tops to leggings to trim on shirts and skirts. Since it won’t be cool here for quite a while in Los Angeles, this is a great — and inexpensive — way to get in on the trend now.

Zara has quite a selection of faux leather trimmed items… including cardigans and jackets, but when I saw this shirt I snatched it up. I knew it was a good score when three other people (including two studio stylists) stopped me in the store, asking where it was and then promptly buying it too!

I had fun chatting with one of the stylists in the dressing room, getting her opinion on which size was best for me (and my mommy tummy). She wisely suggested the larger of the two sizes and she was right. I like how the top is long and covers up my tush!

Since then, I have worn the shirt a couple of times and been asked where it was from and then they are surprised it’s not a more expensive item.

That’s the best kind of purchase at all…one that’s stylish and a steal!


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