Chait on Romney's Magic Tax Plan | Phone-Hacking Lawsuits Continue to Stack Up

Friday, 14 September 2012 by Irwan K Ch
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Dog Has Lived by His Dead Master’s Grave for Six Years

Even crazier: He found the grave himself.

The National Interest

Romney: My Magic Tax Plan Will Repeal Laws of Arithmetic

He was told there would be no math.

Scandal Stained Wretches

Phone-Hacking Lawsuits Continue to Stack Up

A new batch of 40 brings the number of outstanding civil suits to 121.

Crimes and Misdemeanors

Central Park Rape Suspect May Have Also Killed Someone

He's was charged with two additional sexual assaults against elderly women as well.


Rioters Chant ‘Obama, Obama, We Are All Osamas,’ Burn Stuff at U.S. Embassy in Tunisia

More heartwarming developments from the Muslim world.

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney Is Keeping a Close Eye on Snooki’s Weight

That is the only explanation for what he said today.

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula

Mystery of Anti-Islamic Film Further Unravels

An ex-con, a Christian charity, and a worthless director all played a role.

The Internet

Twitter Gives Up Occupy Wall Street Tweets Rather Than Face Fine

Prosecutors now have the messages they've been fighting for.

International Intrigue

Muslim Rioters Taking Anger Out on Fast-Food Joints Now

A KFC and a Hardee's were burned in Lebanon.

Ink Stained Wretches

Village Voice Editor Tony Ortega Quits to Pursue Scientology Book

More layoffs also hit the struggling alt-weekly today.

Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson Is Cursing Again LOL!

For Obama.

The National Interest

Romney Tries to Defend Embassy Lies

Turns out he was trying all along to make a point about the unduly slow website-updating skills of the embassy staff in North Africa.

Ink Stained Wretches

Wall Street Journal Finally Gets Around to Deleting Jonah Lehrer Articles

Another publication makes his compromised work disappear.

The Third Terminator

Bloomberg Taunts Soda Ban Opposition by Casually Mentioning He Has Billions of Dollars

"How much were they spending again?"

Pepper Spray

Pepper-Sprayed Students Will Receive Settlement From UC Davis

"We did an injustice to our students that day."

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