Chait on Bill Clinton's Forgotten Class War | The DNC’s Surprise Guest Is Jobs Data

Thursday, 6 September 2012 by Irwan K Ch
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Convention Dispatch

50-Person Poll: DNC Delegate Edition

They answer questions on racism, the Clintons, and 2016.

The National Interest

Fact: AP Unclear on Definition of ‘Fact’

You could look it up.

Convention Dispatch

Crazy Cops Turn DNC Traffic Control Into Performance Art

You have to watch this. YOU HAVE TO.

Early and Often

Portraits From the Democratic National Convention, Part Two

New York photographer-in-residence Christopher Anderson has more from Charlotte.

Scary Things

At Least the Guy With a Massive Secret Weapons Stash Was Already in Jail

Police found fifteen handguns, assault rifles, smoke grenades, and more in an empty Yonkers home.

Instant Politics

Conservative Reihan Salam and Marxist Bhaskar Sunkara on Bill Clinton’s Big Speech

"His greatest feat is speaking with such confidence that defies fact-checking."

Cable News News

This Is What Tom Brokaw Looks Like on Half an Ambien

The anchor was rushed to the hospital after accidentally taking a sleeping pill (and appearing on TV).


The DNC’s Surprise Guest Is Jobs Data

Not as exciting as Eastwood, but probably less crazy.

Democratic National Convention 2012

Democratic Convention Word of the Day: Fight

"Their fight is my fight, and it's Barack Obama's fight."

The National Interest

Bill Clinton’s Forgotten Class War

Recalling our last secret-Marxist wealth-confiscating spend-o-crat.

Sad Things

Two-Month-Old Hit by Stray Bullet in Hunts Point


Potential Movie Plots

Fancy Stolen Motorcycles Re-Stolen From NYPD

"These criminals have a magic act."

Democratic National Convention

Democrats Beat Republicans in Convention Ratings, Michelle Obama Trounces Everyone

Clint's empty chair was less popular than anticipated.


NYPD Now Has an Israel Branch

Coming soon to a town near you.

Mitt Romney

Candidate Romney Will Finally Meet the Press

Or rather, catch up on the past three years.

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