30 Amazing Off-Menu Dishes and Drinks | Eat Well: Produce-Packed Lunches at Aldea

Monday, 17 September 2012 by Irwan K Ch

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Grub Guide

Secret Suppers: 30 Amazing Off-Menu Dishes and Drinks

Grub Street scoured the city for amazing food that's only available to people who know to ask for it.

Wise Up

Damon Wise Named Chef de Cuisine at Carmellini’s Upcoming Brasserie Redo

The Craft alum gets his gougères on downtown.

Coming Soon

Hu Kitchen Bringing a Yogurt Bar and ‘Preindustrial’ Food to Union Square Later This Month

The spot will focus on catering to a "preindustrial diet."

Market Watch

Potential Food Emporium Buyers Lining Up

Manhattan grocery stores are a hot real-estate commodity right now.

Booze News

Toxic Liquor Results in Czech Booze Ban

Twenty deaths have been linked to methanol-laced spirits.

Close Readings

Donkey Sauce, Deconstructed

The menu at Guy Fieri's new restaurant has some impressive prose.


Watch the Modernist Technique That Turns Fancy Cheese Into ‘Velveeta’

Modernist Cuisine at Home is almost here — see a video preview.

The Chain Gang

Burger Chains Getting a Little Too Arty With Their Buns

They're painting on logos with edible ink. Ick.

Eat Well

Eat Well: Produce-Packed Lunches at Aldea and No. 7’s ‘Meaty’ Tofu

Plus: Talde's antioxidant-heavy soba, and more.

Restaurant Review

Platt on the Retooled South American Joint Raymi

In the old Nuela space, a retooled South American joint.


Le Fooding vs. Omnivore: Who Is Le Plus Brooklyn?

The friendly French-food-festival rivals return this fall with competing schedules of dinners, demos, and al fresco feasts.


All You Can Eat: Rounding Up the Season's Culinary Fests

Just in time for fall-food-festival season, a guide to navigating the tasting-plate circuit.


What You Need to Know About the 2012 New York City Wine & Food Festival

There’s more to this glitzy South Beach transplant than the chance to gobble 35 meatballs.

In Season

In Season: Sean Rembold's Grilled Romano Beans

Try quickly searing the beans in a cast-iron grill pan.

Restaurant Agenda

Indigo Rose: The Tomato That Fights Free Radicals

A striking new purple variety that acts more like a blueberry.



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