This Video Proves Romney Knows His Whole Campaign Is a Lie | Alien Lights Over Brooklyn Were Not Extraterrestrial

Monday, 6 August 2012 by Irwan K Ch
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Explosions In the Sky

Alien Lights Over Brooklyn Were Not Extraterrestrial, Says FDNY

It was a transformer explosion.

Republican National Convention

John McCain Will Not Be Mitt Romney’s Running Mate

Republican National Convention speakers announced.


NYC’s Public Tennis Courts Are Getting More Exclusive

A price increase has cut the crowds.

Mitt Romney

What Mitt Romney Bought at the Hardware Store

"Hardware stuff."

Julien Chabbott

A Gratifying Video of an Entitled Ferrari Driver Getting Slammed by a Cop

So good.


One NASA Employee’s Lonely Mars Rover Pre-Celebration

He knew Curiosity had landed about three seconds before anyone else.


Wade Michael Page Identified As Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shooter [Updated]

He's a 40-year-old, "heavily tattooed" Army veteran.

The National Interest

This Video Proves Romney Knows His Whole Campaign Is a Lie


It's Science

NASA Rover Curiosity Successfully Lands on Mars

"Touchdown confirmed."

When Bees Attack Diplomats

Hillary Clinton Chased Out of Malawi by Bees

Bees everywhere!

First Amendment

Times Photographer on Assignment in Bronx Arrested After Altercation With Police

Solarik has sparred with police before.

Creepy Things

College Janitor Fired After Repeated Attempts to Suck High School Girl’s Toes

She said he literally opened his wallet.

Sikh Temple Shooting

Seven Dead, Three Injured in Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shooting [Updated]

Including the shooter.

The Most Important People In the World

Roseanne Barr Finally Won a Presidential Nomination

She'll be representing the Peace and Freedom Party.

People Who Are Not Dead

Son of Fake-Drowned Long Island Man Also Seems to Be Into Lying

His father still might be threatening to kill him, though.

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