The Mary-Kate Olsen Look Book | Style Tribes: Salt Lake City's Creative Class | Slideshow: Jewelry That Makes a Point

Friday, 24 August 2012 by Irwan K Ch
The Cut Fashion Alert

for Friday, August 24, 2012


Stay Sharp! See Fifteen Pieces of Jewelry That Make a Point

Mildly lethal earrings, bracelets, and necklaces


Roland Mouret Offers Some Marital Guidance: Buy Shoes

Not Crocs, presumably.

gratuitous male objectification

Video: Shirtless Male Models Offer to Buy You Tampons

And other things you wish your boyfriend would do.

ze french

François Hollande Took Away John Galliano’s Legion of Honor

He received it in 2009.

ins and outs

Diane Von Furstenberg’s Business to 'Become Explosive’ With the Hiring of Tommy Hilfiger’s Former CEO

A man by the name of Joel Horowitz.

the dating game

Now That the 'Fireworks Have Fizzled for Katy Perry and John Mayer,’ Will Baptity Rise Again?

Oh please, oh please, oh please.

first ladies

The Great First Lady Media Arms Race of 2012

Time to trot out the candidates' better halves.

beauty q & a

Lunchtime Beauty Q+A: Can I Get Away With Just Using Dry Shampoo on My Sweaty Hair?

And how about the smell?

look book

The Mary-Kate Olsen Look Book

A look back at the edgier Olsen's fashion moments, from her Full House days to the present.

make it work

Project Runway Recap: Keeping It 'Real’

Designing for "real" women makes some people really, really mean.

adventures in sex

Sex and the Single Breast Cancer Patient

In chemotherapy and wearing a wig at 28, I channeled my anger into sex.

style tribes

Style Tribes Vol. 4: The Creative Class of Salt Lake City

Loosening up the style reins in the Utah Valley.

slash jobs

Kristin Cavallari Designs for Chinese Laundry Now

Isn't it so great when these collaborations make perfect sense?

look of the day

Kirsten Dunst Was Down in the Trenches

She wore a trench-coat-like dress by Jean Paul Gaultier last night.

best bets

Best Bet: Proenza Schouler Tie-Dye T-Shirt

Tie-dye, your old best friend from summer camp.

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