Seventeen Sit-Down Options for Outstanding Late-Night Food | Spike Lee’s Favorite Restaurants

Wednesday, 22 August 2012 by Irwan K Ch

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Do Not Feed the Animals

White House Battling Bo-besity

No food scraps for Bo-bama.

Quote of the Day

Mario Batali, Lovestruck for Lake Michigan

Molto, lakeside.

Dubious Honors

Fordham Serves the Country’s Foulest Food

Raise your glass of Duane Reade Champagne.

Grub Guides

After Hours: Seventeen Sit-Down Options for Outstanding Late-Night Food

Because this city unfortunately does sleep.

Celeb Eats

He’s Gotta Have It: Spike Lee’s Favorite Restaurants

Uptown fever.

The Other Critics

The New Yorker Defends Brooklyn Crab; Tejal Rao Impressed at Neta

Plus, the Daily News likes Cómodo, Pete Wells enjoys La Vara, and more of this week's restaurant reviews.

Restaurant Wars

Red Lobster Waitress Attacked for Pouring Too Much Water

You don't see that at Sizzler.


Tootsie Roll Keeps Things Under Wraps

The 116-year-old company is very secretive about how the Junior Mints get made.


Brooklyn Pour Tickets on Sale; Bossa Nova Brunch at the Americano

Plus: a Taste of Tennis, booze specials at Macao tonight, and more of today's leftovers.

Ciao Bao

Michael Huynh Is Bao-ing Out

He's Vietnam bao-nd.

In the Weeds

‘Starter’ Column Documents Restaurant Openings, Kinks, and Crowds

And Francis Lam is the father.

Uphill Battles

Neighbors Not Surprisingly Opposed to Nevada Smith’s Everything

No goal.

Lit News

Details on Ruth Bourdain’s Ridiculous Book

Its called 'Comfort Me With Offal.'



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