Obama, Romney, and the Poll Mystery | Paul Ryan, the Media, and the L-Word

Thursday, 30 August 2012 by Irwan K Ch
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Truth Vigilantes

Paul Ryan, the Media, and the L-Word

Most news outlets are "fact-checking" his speech last night, but did he "lie" or not?

Republican National Convention

50 Person Poll: RNC Delegate Edition

Delegates still unsure about Obama's birthplace. A few are unsure about Romney's, too. 

The National Interest

Obama, Romney, and the Poll Mystery

A follow-up.

Sad Things

Homeless Man in Times Square Crutch Fight Needs New Crutches



GOP Convention Word of the Day: S-U-C-C-E-S-S!

It's not a bad thing.


Barclays Names New CEO to Clean Up After Bob Diamond

It's Prince Harry! (It's not Prince Harry.)


Star, the Incredible Healing Dog, Lost an Eye But Still Looks Cute

The pit bull shot by an NYPD officer is "able to walk, play with toys and eat on her own."

Crimes and Misdemeanors

74-Year-Old Bowling Alley Shooter Missed Wife Three Times

What kind of monster would shoot up the snack bar?

Stand Clear 0f the Trash Piles

MTA Still on This ‘No Trash Cans in Subway Stations’ Kick

They're expanding the program.

Vito Lopez

Former Employees Say Vito Lopez Had a History of Slimy Behavior

Plenty to keep the ethics committee busy.

The National Interest

Paul Ryan’s Large Lies and One Big Truth

Picking up the pieces of an exploded brain from last evening.

Campaign 2012

Michelle Obama Is Not Watching the GOP Convention

But there might have been some Todd Akin talk in the White House.


Given One Word to Describe Romney and Ryan, 27 Poll Respondents Said ... ‘Okay’

"Sure" didn't rank.


Upper West Side Man Shames City With ‘Rat Crossing’ Signs

They like the scurry over residents' feet.

Neighborhood News

Brooklyn Candidate Is Sorry About That Bizarrely Racist Typo

It could happen to anyone — with no ability to type.

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