Lady Gaga Disagrees With PETA | The Alexa Chung Look Book | Slideshow: Hans Feurer Explains His Greatest Fashion Images

Thursday, 16 August 2012 by Irwan K Ch
The Cut Fashion Alert

for Thursday, August 16, 2012

look book

The Alexa Chung Look Book

See her style evolve from her pre-MTV days to the present.


Carine Roitfeld Can Tell You All About the Butt-Lifting Benefits of Ballet

She knows firsthand.

disco quotables

Lady Gaga Disagrees With PETA and Her Anti-Fur Critics, But Pledges Support for Their 'Philosophies About Life’

"You see a carcass, I see a museum's pièce de résistance."

the aisle

Do the Rich Get More Recession Divorces?

When the housing bubble burst, so did our domestic lives.

snakes on a runway

Condé Nast Releases Fashion Hazard iOS Game With Catwalk Obstacle Course

Players must navigate a runway strewn with models and, for no particular reason, snakes.

model tracker

Heidi Klum’s Kids Are Really Into 'Fake Poops and Things’

The supermodel's kids love diamonds and fart jokes.

the dating game

Cara Delevingne Is Playing With Prepubescent Hearts Everywhere

Mostly on Twitter.

rolling in the veep

Everyone Agrees: Paul Ryan’s Style Is Awkward

That's settled, then!

solange knowles

Solange’s Brief, Glorious Instagram Life: How to Re-create It

Her account may be history, but the images live on.


'Pregnant Man’ Thomas Beatie Stuck in Terrible-Sounding Marriage

Giving new meaning to "It's Complicated With."


There Is a King of Pants

His name is Alvin Valley.


Netflix Search for 'Reality TV Featuring a Strong Female Lead’ Yields Little

When Netflix recommends Kardashians.

ask google

Can I Dump a Guy for Having Gross Foreskin? Ask Google

Let us Google that for you.

things that are printed on paper

Of Course Nick Gruber’s Tell-all Is (Tentatively) Titled What Came Between Me and My Calvin

We were pulling for something a little more creative.

prabal gurung

Prabal Gurung Takes Stealth Photos of Stylish Girls on the Street

"I don't like to bother people."

unlikely spokeswomen

Condoleezza Rice Models Cleveland Browns Jersey for NFL

As the only known Cleveland fan, she was pretty much obligated.

look of the day

Selita Ebanks Wore White Pants Near Red Wine

She's begging for a spill.

depth of field

Depth of Field: Hans Feurer Explains His Greatest Fashion Images

The "dinosaur" talks natural light, feminism, and Stephanie Seymour’s "wonderful body."

best bets

Best Bet: Gap Academy Blazer

You don't need to be going back to school to wear it.

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