Kristen Stewart for Balenciaga | Trendlets: Tapestry, Brocade | Fashion Week Preview: Designers Share Their Spring 2013 Inspirations

Wednesday, 29 August 2012 by Irwan K Ch
The Cut Fashion Alert

for Wednesday, August 29, 2012

faces of things

Confirmed: Kristen Stewart’s Balenciaga Contract Is Safe

For this fall, at least.


Looming Ahead: 25 Ways to Wear Tapestry and Brocade

Fall's rich, textured prints.


And This Is How Karl Lagerfeld Convinced Florence Welch to Pop Out of a Clam Shell at Last Spring’s Chanel Show

"He's one of those people who thinks things into being."


Two Spellings of 'Sofia’ in Top NYC Baby Names

Solyndra has yet to crack the list.

crown jewels

Michelle Harper's Fashion Fantasy

The street style muse describes her life away from the cameras.

angel of mine

None of the Angels Can Make It to Victoria’s Secret London Flagship Opening Tomorrow

What, they couldn't fly in for it?

the karl of it all

Karl Lagerfeld Expresses Emotion

Big day, big day.

tennis anyone?

Andy Roddick Has Patriotic Feet


kids these days

Harry Brant Tells Andy Warhol: 'I Love a Bolero!’

And Peter says he doesn't dance on tables.


Stephen Colbert Gives GOP Female Anatomy Lesson

He uses a device called the Vagina iTouch to find the "Filipino tubes."

tough cookies

It’s Hard to Be a Woman, But Ann Romney Finds Time to Bake

Her speech, in the context of Welsh skillet cakes.


The 'Penis Game’ in Politics

You know that game where little boys stand in a circle, shouting naughty words louder and louder? Republicans are doing that now.


Jessica White Parted Ways With Her Six-Foot-Long Python

His name is/was Jessie.

one word one shot

Fashion Week Preview: 122 Designers Share Their Spring 2013 Inspirations

Helmut Lang, Rachel Zoe, SUNO, Chris Benz, and many more.

look of the day

Kate Hudson Rocked the Boat

She wore a printed tank and aviators on her way to the Venice International Film Festival.

best bets

Best Bet: Kotur Pink Snow Globe Clutch

A fluorescent party in a clutch.

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