Glam Slam: Come On, Vogue

Wednesday, 22 August 2012 by Irwan K Ch
August 22, 2012

I have been enjoying all the ginormous September issues of magazines, how about you? I was sitting with my three-year-old daughter this past weekend as she was eating breakfast and she told me to get a magazine to read, so I got the 916 page Vogue and brought it to the table. She wanted to look through the magazine with me, which is something she’s never really done, unless it’s something with kids in it, like a parenting magazine or a Pottery Barn Kids catalogue.

So there we sat at the kitchen table next to each other, looking at the magazine together. She asked me the name of the magazine and I told her. I would turn the pages and she would comment on the outfits or the makeup if it was something crazy, like yellow eye shadow in one ad or purple hair in another.

“Why does she have that face?” she would ask about models with scowling expressions. “What is her name?” she asked me about numerous models and stars in the magazine. She was really interested in Lady Gaga, who is the cover girl. I think she just likes saying “Lady Gaga.” It’s fun for a three-year-old. She wanted to see more photos of her inside the magazine…so I had to explain Lady Gaga to her.

What she really loved about the magazine though were the perfume ads! The scent strips were a huge hit with her. She liked Prada Candy, which is no surprise, since it’s a rather sweet fragrance. But her favorite was the Lady Gaga Fame perfume! I love how she just shoves her whole face right into the strip and takes a deep smell and afterwards goes, ‘ahhh,’ each and every single time.

The next morning at breakfast, she said, “Mommy get the magazine that smells, let’s read Vogue some more.” I guess this explains how the iconic magazine has been around since 1892. For 120 years, moms, and eventually, their daughters have been reading it. I’m not trying to purposely expose my daughter to big designers or high fashion or anything like that. It’s just some quality time with my little one and nothing is better than that.



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