Flavor Ammo: Fancy, Expensive XO Sauce | The Battle for the H&H Name

Wednesday, 8 August 2012 by Irwan K Ch

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Candy-Disguised Nose Candy

Buzz and feed.


Bittman Says Sorry for Chick-fil-A Inappropriateness

Doubt he means it.

Bagel Battle

Now Everyone’s Fighting Over the H&H Name

We're starting to fear the legacy of the great bagel-maker will be permanently be-schmeared.

The Other Critics

Sietsema Loves Hazar’s Falafel; Wells and Cheshes Pan Nicoletta

Plus: Tejal Rao on Ken & Cook, The New Yorker treks to Biang!, and more of this week's reviews.

Flavor Ammo

Flavor Ammo: Is XO Sauce the World’s Most Baller Condiment?

Spoiler alert: Yes it is.


Pipa to Close September 16, Reopen As ABC Cocina Mid-October

This is a big one.

Coming Up

Gerber Group Planning ‘Bar + Kitchen’ Concept for Helmsley Hotel

Seasonal grub and serious cocktails coming at us by October.

Booze News

Bartenders Have Always Had It Out for Mojitos

Fastest way to get spit in your drink.


Crab Feast Tickets on Sale; Bowery House Owners Open a Restaurant

Plus: The Randolph adds a snack menu, and more of today's leftovers.

Other Magazines

Newsweek Just Reuses Stock Food Photo for Its Latest Cover

Sucks to be their photo department.

The Internet

BuzzFeed Launching Its Own Food Section This Fall

They'd better not miss the chance to call this thing "BuzzFood."


Peep World Becoming Nice, Wholesome Hooters

It dodged the d-bag-bar bullet.

Empire Building

Num Pang to Nomad

The neighborhood, not the hotel.

Grub Guide

Summer Slowdown: Twelve In-Demand Spots Where You Should Snag a Table This Month

When the city empties out, it's time to pounce.


Chefs and Their Uncanny Cartoon Dopplegangers

Nigella Lawson vs. Natasha Fatale.

Cash Cow

Meat Sales, Meat-Eaters Down

Small victory for veggie burgers.



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