Details on Zak Pelaccio's Upstate Restaurant | Seamus Mullen Wins Superburger

Monday, 27 August 2012 by Irwan K Ch

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Mark Geragos Is Opening a New York Restaurant

Will it be Greek?

Coming Soon

More Details on Zak Pelaccio’s Upcoming Upstate Restaurant

The spot will embrace eight seasons, not a measly four.


Todd English Strikes a Deal on Kardashian Station

Working title: 'Bad English.'

Chef Showdowns

Seamus Mullen Bests Stupak, Pelaccio at Superburger

Every ingredient in his hamburguesa was smoked.

Boston Market

Should Salt Shakers Be Banished at Restaurants?

Boston Market thinks so.

How the Other Half Drinks

Bordeaux Ballers at ‘21’ Club

One bottle of '82 Petrus is pretty chichi — but some recent diners ordered two.

Employment Laws

In Batali’s Kitchen, Library Voices

His employment laws.

Eat Well

Eat Well: City Winery’s Outdoor Music Fest, Jonathan Waxman’s Shaved-Zucchini Salad

Plus: A Japanese detox dinner, lotsa oatmeal, and more in Grub Street's weekly guide to healthy eating around town.



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