This Quote Shows Why Our Government Is Doomed | What the Founders Said About 100-Round Assault-Rifle Magazines

Monday, 23 July 2012 by Irwan K Ch
MONDAY, JULY 23, 2012
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Sex Diaries

The Lesbian Law-Firm Intern Hooking Up With Her Co-worker

This week's Sex Diary.

Dumb Money

Dumb Money: Exposing Silicon Valley’s Stupidest Investments

Our new series.

Aurora Shooting

James Holmes Appears Blank, Sleepy, and Possibly Drugged in Court

The accused Aurora shooter made his first public appearance this morning.

Other Palins

Three-Year-Old Tripp Palin Called His Aunt Willow Palin a ‘Faggot’

Here's the heartwarming video!

The Third Terminator

Bloomberg Not Letting Up on Gun-Control Fight After Colorado Shooting

The mayor is not letting up after the shooting in Colorado.

The National Interest

Old Trend: Constitutional Conservatism; New Trend: Pre-Constitutional Conservatism

Ah, the halcyon days of the 1780s, before Big Government ruined everything.

Ron Johnson

What the Founders Said About 100-Round Assault-Rifle Magazines

Senator Ron Johnson thinks such magazines are constitutionally protected. 

Occupy Wall Street

Mitt Romney Made the Baseball Hall of Fame, Sort Of

Via Occupy Wall Street.

The Most Important People In The World

Law & Order Star Also Happens to Be Sand Castle Master, Dad of the Year

Vincent D'Onofrio dominated at Coney Island on Sunday.

The National Interest

This Quote Shows Why Our Government Is Doomed

They didn't teach you this part in high-school civics class.

Tax Havens

Use of Tax Havens May Put Romney in .0001 Percent

Overseas accounts are as popular as they are morally questionable.

Aurora Shooting

Police Find Batman Mask in Colorado Shooter’s Apartment

"There's something weird here."

Stuck in the Mittle

Romney Shares Insult From Australian Leader With American People

Other countries have been talking about us behind our backs.

Sad Things

Four-Year-Old Boy Shot and Killed at Bronx Basketball Court

Two others were wounded.


Some Democrats Worried Over Obama Campaign Spending Rate

Money in, money out.

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