Mitt Romney’s Theory of Everything | Items Inadvertently Left Off Apple’s Shopping List

Tuesday, 31 July 2012 by Irwan K Ch
TUESDAY, JULY 31, 2012
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Items Inadvertently Left Off Apple’s Shopping List

What else should Tim Cook buy?

Mitt Romney

Scenes From Mitt Romney’s World Insult Tour

London, Jerusalem, Warsaw, and more!

The Internet

Drama Over Olympics Critic Guy Adams Continues to Look Bad for Twitter and NBC [Updated]

The journalist's account is still suspended.

The National Interest

Guns, Jews, and Steel: Mitt Romney’s Theory of Everything

Good news: Romney reads a lot. Bad news: He doesn't read especially well.


Jon Corzine Represented Neither Team Coke Nor Team Pepsi on the Gensler Bat Mitzvah Circuit

Ergo, no conflict of interest!

Brooklyn Problems

The Second Coming of the Park Slope ‘Ghost Stroller’ Has a Jamaican Twist

And still no answers.

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney to Announce Running-Mate Pick on App

Should you download it?

Scandal-Stained Wretches

Jayson Blair Has Some Sympathy and Advice for Jonah Lehrer

He's a life coach now.

Democratic National Convention

San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro Will Deliver the DNC Keynote Address

The man is a rising star, or at least the Democrats hope he is.

Early and Awkward

Mitt Romney Adviser to Press: ‘Kiss My Ass ... Shove It’

The Offend the World megatour continues.


Paterson Administration Accused of Trying to Replace Troopers Owing to Their Race

Aides asked to swap white officers on security detail for minorities.

Mitt Romney

Poland’s Lech Walesa Endorses Romney, Says He Lacks Charisma

This isn't a good time for constructive criticism.


Elizabeth Warren Pegged to Speak Before Clinton at Democratic National Convention

Meaning she will not deliver the keynote.


Public Suggests New Catskills Slogan Should Be Boring and Generic

"You should all be ashamed of yourselves." —Don Draper

Random Acts of Violence

Hammer-Wielding Man in Suit Attacks Spanish Tourist at City Hall Park

The victim is in stable condition.

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