Is H&H Reopening? | First Look at Murray's Cheese Bar

Monday, 23 July 2012 by Irwan K Ch
MONDAY, JULY 23, 2012

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Good Comebacks

Is H&H Reopening? Everything (Bagel) Says ‘Yes’

Whatever it is, it's happening on Fulton Street.

Doughnuts Rising

Doughnuts to Colonize NY

It'll rain sprinkles somewhere near Grand Central Terminal.

Station Opens in Williamsburg

Superchic spot above the L.


John McDonald’s Mexican Resto Will Be Called El Toro Blanco

Capon will oversee.


Sweet Peet: Peet’s Coffee Bought for $1 Billion

Talk about star-bucks.

The Feeding Tube

Do or Dine’s Justin Warner Is About to Blow Up

The Food Network has a new TV chef.

Shuffles and Scuffles

Gowanus Residents Call Shuffleboard Bar Royal Palms a Royal Pain

The conflict should be settled over a relaxing game of parcheesi.


NYC Says Whassup Wasabi

London sushi crosses the pond.

Eat Well

Eat Well: A Bike-Through Dairy Window in Chelsea, Inspired Kale in Nolita

Plus: A vegan-friendly bingo night and more, all in our weekly roundup of healthy eats.

Restaurant Review

Platt on Pok Pok Ny and Mission Chinese Food

A pair of beloved West Coast restaurants open outposts in New York.

Outdoor Eats

The Battle of the Rooftop Salads

With an increasing number of restaurants growing their own, we compare the crops.

Restaurant Agenda

First Look at Murray’s Cheese Bar, Opening This Week in the Village

A subway-tiled restaurant serving fromage in all its sharp and stinky forms.

In Season

It’s Poona Kheera Season at the Greenmarket

This chameleon of a cucumber dramatically changes color as it ripens on the vine.



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