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Thursday, 19 July 2012 by Irwan K Ch
July 19, 2012

Earlier this week, I told you about the cheap, tacky souvenirs I love to buy while on vacation. But I also bought a really cool and useful souvenir during my trip to Charleston, South Carolina – this stylish market bag.

It caught my eye when we were driving by a cool men’s store called Indigo & Cotton, where it was prominently displayed in the window. I actually thought about it for a couple of days before I went back to the store to check it out.

I liked the rustic look of the bag and also the fact that it’s a great way to give my hometown a shout out. Plus, California is putting a ban on plastic shopping bags, so this will come in handy for trips to the local farmers market, as well as the grocery store. The inside is coated, so it’s perfect to tote fruits and veggies.

I actually used the bag as a big purse the other day. I tied a Marni for H&M scarf around one handle and threw all my stuff in the bag and I was ready to go. It’s so big that I could put my hat, a sweater and a few of my daughter’s things in there as well.

But not only is the bag stylish, it’s also all about a great cause!

“It’s something we’re working on with another brand, Apolis Activism, known as the Bangladesh Project,” Brett Carron, owner of Indigo & Cotton, tells me. “‘Advocacy through Industry’ is part of their mission statement and the focus here is on the work they’re doing with a co-op of over 70 artisans in Saidpur, Bangladesh. Native artisans craft all the reusable bags from 100 percent jute fiber. The co-op provides a fair wage job for the women and also commits a portion of its proceeds to social and educational projects in the local community. The big picture goal is to connect the artisans of Bangladesh with people across the globe.”

Love the bag even more! It retails for $68 and you can find out more information about Indigo & Cotton at


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