Bartenders Predict Cocktail Culture's Future | Bar Corvo Owners Have a New Project in the Works

Tuesday, 31 July 2012 by Irwan K Ch
TUESDAY, JULY 31, 2012

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Another Boring Company Might Buy Tavern

Where's Michael White when we need him?


Mama’s Bites the Dust, But Who’s Really to Blame?

Bobwhite? Bloggers? Bloomberg?

Booze News

Spout Off: Bartending Stars on Where They See Cocktail Culture Going

What we learned: There isn't much consensus.

Coming Up

Bar Corvo Owners Have a New Project in the Works

It's just around the corner from the al di là spinoff.


Dragonfly Has Closed

Despite good reviews, the restaurant lasted four months.

Coming Soon

What a Wonderful Swirl: Junior’s Opening New Concept in Midtown East

The chain shifts gears with a 170-seat restaurant not focused on the dessert course.

On the Waterfront

Andy Ricker Looking to Open a Bar Near Pok Pok Ny

Somewhere to while away those hour-plus waits.


Todd English Ex Busted for Robbing Ralph Lauren

Horrible decision-making skills.


Bourdain Can Give It, But Can He Take It?

A plethora of frienemies like Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri will gather to roast him.


Try Ian Chalermkittichai’s Iron Chef Thailand–Winning Menu; Mama’s Food Shop Is Finished

Plus: PDX chefs come to City Grit, free churros with your coffee, and more of today's leftovers.


What to Eat at Swine, Bringing Housemade Charcuterie to the West Village Tonight

Not to mention Ping-Pong and arcade games.

The Meatpacking

To the Meatpacking Market We Will Go

Lobster rolls and Mexicue.

Coming Soon

Daniel Boulud PR Honcho Will Open Her Own ‘Rotisserie’ Restaurant

"Think of it as a steakhouse but with farm-raised chicken in place of beef."

Quote of the Day

Drew Barrymore on Her Kraft



POTUS at NoMad Tonight

Following in Katie Holmes's footsteps.


Andy Ricker’s Happy Places Include Economy Candy and Some Deli

He's acclimated well.

Empire Building

Roll Out: LES Calexico May Be the Start of an Empire

The chainlet is becoming a bona fide franchise and is looking to expand to other cities.


Mastering the Art of Julia Child Restaurant Week

Next week, NYC restaurants are rolling out some of Child's most famous recipes.



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