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Thursday, 14 June 2012 by Irwan K Ch
Thursday, June 14, 2012
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Ink-Stained Wretches

The New York Times’ War on Cursing Continues

This time they referred to "a PG-rated expletive."


Scott Stringer Backs Bloomberg’s Taxi Plan in Outerborough Outreach

Directly in opposition to Bill de Blasio.


You Are Not the Only Person Wondering What Linguica Is

Apple's Siri ads have brought newfound interest to the obscure Portuguese sausage. 

The National Interest

Sheldon Adelson Crazy, Also Crazy Rich

Who will save us from socialism, if not the billionaires who are getting rich under socialism?

Scandal Stained Wretches

David Cameron Still Distancing Himself From Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.

The British prime minister testified before the Leveson Inquiry today.

Early and Awkward

A Taxonomy of Gaffes

The six different kinds of gaffes we'll obsess over for the next five months. 

The National Interest

The Origins of the Gaffe, Politics’ Idiot-Maker

Why are we obsessed with such triviality?


AOL Board Puts Down Pesky Investor Insurrection

All eight board directors were reelected today.

The Private Sector Is Doing Fine

We See What You Did There, Mitt Romney

His new ad is an homage to an anti-McCain ad that Obama ran in 2008. 

The National Interest

Sally Quinn Forced to Dine With Non-Fake Friends

We hope you're happy now, Kim Kardashian.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker Is LITERALLY Rolling Out the Red Carpet for President Obama

Preparations continued at the West Village townhouse yesterday. 


Ray Dalio Is Building a Baseball Card Collection

But not the fun kind.


Proposed Welfare Rule Targets Cigarettes, Alcohol, and Other Fun Things

The State Senate is looking to ban spending on vices.

Statute Of Limitations

Catholic Church Lobbies Against Allowing More Sex Abuse Suits

Cardinal Timothy Dolan: "It would be devastating for the life of the church."

James Madison High School

‘Horndog High’ Teacher Indicted on Statutory Rape Charges

The school probably does not enjoy this nickname.

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